Dermal sofa about how to choose?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-29

is a general term leather sofas, leather, pigskin, horse, donkey every one can be used as a raw material, the sofa is made of the material of sofa leather sofa. Want to choose the right leather sofa should be in what aspects? Whether need to consider the odor problem? Dermal sofa brand on the market have? Today we talk about leather sofa selection problem.

leather sofa about how to choose

1, the edges

some leather sofa in order to reduce cost, on the top of the sofa to use high quality leather, while the corners or on the back with some poor quality leather.

2, distinguish the bouquet

leather has a smell of animals; Tend to be more leather and fake leather, relatively and stimulate the taste.

3, see wooden

if sofa skeleton degree is strong, it is related to the service life of sofa and quality assurance. The specific method is raised three sofa, pay attention to when 10 cm from the ground up parts, whether the other end of the leg from the ground, only from the ground, on the other side inspection is passed.

4, see filler

filler mainly refers to the sponge, played a sponge according to the elastic points high, play high super soft shot 3 kinds. Concrete method is to use hand to press sofa armrest and back of a chair, if you can clearly feel the existence of the wooden frame, is proved that this set of sofa packing density is not high, the elastic is not good enough. Easily on the wooden sofa also can quicken sofa coat of wear and tear, reduce the service life of sofa.

5, see material pledge

leather sand postback is a general term actually, pig, horse, donkey skin, cowhide can be used as a raw material, the sofa you must figure out what is the leather. The cowhide leather soft, thick, quality is best, sofa USES buffalo skin commonly, coriaceous crasser, price material benefit. Better have cow leather, green leather. Horsehide, donkey skin leather and leather are similar, but on the surface of the PI is flabby, time grew to flake easily, not durable, so the price is cheap.

visible, dermal sofa can pick from the edges, smell, fillers, such as brand into consideration.

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