Day type sofa of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-01

the modelling of day type sofa is generally more concise and spell able, and now popular contracted style is tie-in, so many people would consider day type sofa when buying sofa. So what day type sofa of choose and buy? And below small make up together and see.

how day type sofa of choose and buy

1, elastic material

elastic material including sponge and spring, and the quality of the resolution day type sofa of warmth and creative life. Therefore, elastic material to moderate pressure resistance is strong, good elasticity, density, except try sit feel when the choose and buy, can to clarify related enterprise to woo, quantity to ensure production quality.

2, frame

the frame structure of sofa to strong, strong degree of the skeleton, determine the service life of sofa and quality. Can lift one end of the sofa, about 8 cm off the ground, look at the other end is off the ground, if from the ground, skeletal structure is solid. Can both before and after the sofa or so forcibly shake repeatedly, if feel good, description framework is firm.

3, fabrics,

fabric with human body contact closely, and directly affect the visual effects, should be paid attention to when the choose and buy is consistent with the whole decorates a style, and to ensure environmental protection. And the leather sofa on the market has the branch of leather and all, leather sofa is the bearing surface of the part in contact with the human body as the cortex, including cushions, back of a chair and armrest, and not part of the direct contact with people such as the back of the sofa leather was not used. All full leather sofa is sofa surface adopt cortex. Both materials area is different, the price different, consumers should pay attention to when buy.

day type sofa of choose and buy can according to the elastic material, frame and fabric choice.

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