Daily maintenance of office furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-21

the cautions of office furniture and daily maintenance. 1, 2 months later, the new office furniture USES application special tool adjustment screw fasteners, tightness of screw to the right. Conversely lose screws. Repeat every 6 months later, when the demolition of screw, the screw should be all removed, combined, again big, should be paid attention to the order of the small pads. 2, avoid long-distance overall handling, outdoor mobile, should look for professional personnel, to use transport tools. At the bottom of the little office furniture mobile need to lift the office furniture, large office furniture is moved, please professional company to help. When lifting office furniture should be out of the items contained in the first, drawer door seal tightly, will light up light, when you placed is smooth, if uneven ground, you would have a leg to the bottom, in case of can't normal use. The room move, should pay attention to the ground, on the door frame such as position, avoid scratch or collision. Ark the movement of the class, should be removed first or fixed drawer slide. 3, smooth place objects, heavy objects should be placed at the bottom of office furniture, prevent office furniture center of gravity is not smooth and overturned, chest at the top of the unfavorable place heavy objects, in order to prevent affecting roof sagging cupboard door switch. 4, office furniture should pay attention to place where water, fire moxibustion, such problems as the sun, also note with dry air circulation. To do a good job in office furniture cleaning avoid office furniture inside still have sundry, food or other items stored, cause rat bite, bug eat by moth, mildew, and other issues. Office furniture surface must often wipe a, soiled hands, wipe besmirch, avoid moldy.

office furniture procurement of nine tips

office furniture is closely related to our life, directly affects the work quality and healthy body, the emperor, furniture as a well-known guangdong office furniture factory, office furniture manufacturers selling for a long time, providing customers with the following resolution furniture quality key point, I believe you purchasing office furniture, there is a certain understanding, here are small make up for all office furniture procurement under the analysis of the nine tips:

1, office furniture material is reasonable

2, office furniture, four feet whether level off

3, office furniture structure is rigid

4, veneer office furniture flat-fell seam is lax yan

5, office furniture package edge whether level off

6, paint part to smooth

7, fittings installed whether reasonable

8, office sofa to sit

9, colour wants to be coordinated with indoor decoration

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