Custom house have the characteristics of what? What is custom furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-06

custom house have the characteristics of what? What is custom furniture? Hotel furniture introduce to you today.

custom furniture is to point to can according to individual be fond of, spatial details, customized personalized furniture configuration, each custom products can be unique.

furniture enterprises on the basis of mass production, every consumer is regarded as a single segment of the market, consumers according to their own requirements to design to furniture, enterprise should according to the design requirements of consumers to create personalized furniture.

in the true sense of 'customization' is not only a matter of furniture style, but covers the design, layout, production process, logistics and so on various aspects of customization. Such a custom service has long been popular in Europe and the United States, Japan.

the characteristic of custom furniture:

1. Custom furniture more sturdy, not changeful form.

the finished product has solid wood in furniture, also has a density board, should choose good.

solid wood furniture prices more expensive, density board or other synthetic board furniture price is relatively moderate.

if you want to live the custom furniture price to buy a finished product furniture, the only choice of density board and solid wood furniture finished products the price is much more expensive than that.

really good-looking, finished product furniture paint effect is very good, but the density board furniture is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp deformation, this is a very worthy of consideration.

so from the point of view of practical field on-site customization or, in case you want to choose or buy real wood finished product furniture, the place you want to furniture is there a corner, a beam.

if you have better custom better, because of these characteristics of finished product furniture can't just your room and change the structure, the appearance, but can be customized.

2。 Personalized

custom furniture is a more obvious advantages and characteristics should be its personalized design. The pursuit of individual character as of today, users can according to their own requirements to conform to the requirements of design, ego life individuation, in line with their own brand consumption style and life.

3。 Material is used in the real material, you can control;

can make full use of the space of the room, especially some corner or there is beam, can put the fragmentary space together, making it more collocation, integrity, unity, harmony, this is hard to do buy finished product furniture;

the color of paint selectivity is bigger, but compared to finished product furniture paint effect, some relatively poor, after all, hand brush paint or manual spray paint with as much of the lacquer that bake finished product furniture;

4。 Uniqueness

when custom furniture has the independent design, actually very simple, that is to say, all the furniture in the room are independent.

use custom administration, to become a unit, thus more uniqueness, not like other products, but look from these furniture custom details has been very good to show the charm, custom furniture add colour to the life that occupy the home.

5。 Unity

custom house has its own different design style and the main body, but still pay attention to when design is the integrity of the design, whole space environment is harmonious and unified.

users don't have running in furniture stores around the world to choose furniture, don't worry about to choose do not tally with the whole decorates a style, very convenient and save worry.

6。 High performance price ratio

whole house custom way actually performance-to-price ratio is high, users are able to enjoy life to its own needs, and can better ensure the quality of life. Whole house customization demand is high, but as the market is good and bad are intermingled, need to choose the big brands to create custom furniture is more suitable for users.

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