Custom hotel furniture surface decoration of the coating process and avoid lacquer technique

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-05

custom hotel furniture surface decoration can be according to the production process is divided into paint and avoid lacquer two kinds big. With polish material refers to the coating on the surface, can form strong adhesion, continuous, protective and decorative coating and special performance of organic polymer compounds or inorganic compounds of liquid or solid material. Custom furniture used in see the light of the surface coating is more, especially the key parts such as door plank, panel.

in the production of furniture commonly used coating has lacquer ( № ℃ paint) Unsaturated resin paint ( PE paint) Polyurethane coating ( PU paint) Uv-curable paint ( ∪ argument paint) Water-based paint a few broad categories. The coating of paint, can use a single class, also can use a combination of, such as PE primer + P ∪ paint, ∪ ∨ primer + water-based paint, etc.

at the moment, is the most popular of uv-curable paint ( 紫外线固化涂料) That U paint, coatings, uv-curable coatings is also called light. ∪ paint can moment under the irradiation of ultraviolet curing film, which do not contain any volatile substances, is the real green environmental protection coating.

coating process of adornment effect is good, but the production cycle is long, and need to take care in everyday use. Considering from economy and safety, therefore, generally use more wenqi technology.

wenqi technology is in the plate surface coating a layer of decorative layer, commonly used in panel furniture, doors, decorative plate part of the decoration. These parts due to the need to directly face the consumers, so called 'see the light' section. Cabinet put oneself in another's position of the plate when purchasing generally already cover operation in plate factory, without coated or decorate again, you just need to sealing side. 'See the light' parts because building coating type outfit, style is special, not directly purchase cover plate, the need for surface decoration.

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