Custom hotel furniture production process

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-06

custom hotel furniture can meet different consumer demand for hotel furniture of different personality. In the traditional marketing model, the hotel furniture companies are often based on a simple market research, follow the trends hotel furniture hotel furniture research and development production. But this model to produce hotel furniture not all do not conform to the requirements, design is cannot satisfy personal preferences. And custom to subdivide the market marketing in the individual, design hotel furniture according to individual requirements, consumer is one of hotel furniture designers. Puts forward some specific requirements according to personal interests, such as color, personalized specification and so on. The custom hotel furniture after which processes are required for production?

1, lofting

whether you are customized hotel wardrobe or TV ark, or hotel solid loading, every piece of furniture production before after first lofting division put fleas, this is the first step to do a good job in the hotel furniture

2, material cutting

usually, hotel furniture factory material is carried out according to the following standards:

1), beautiful wood texture, medium weight, how resilient is better;

(2), pay attention to quality of timber, eliminate dead section, burst, black tree, mold and core, good material level.

is arranged after cutting, each product all is according to the drawing size proportional to open good material, open good material product first to get the carpenter's shop, first began to production.

3, woodworking

carpentry is actually the product of each pieces of open good material from hair processed into drawing the required shape and size of a process.

4, paint

paint this step for hotel furniture is vital, make effects on its surface smoothness, brightness decides the degree of furniture of beautiful. But good furniture brand, environmentally friendly products on the paint is strict, even the other technology or material.

5, ammonites cloth

sofa chair or other need ammonites cloth products, ammonites cloth is about to begin, after finish paint process flow is about cutting cloth/sponge cutting - Spray adhesive - Ammonites cloth, first of all to good cloth and sponge cutting, the sponge is good after put into the furniture than the proportion, the radian to radian ground out, then fixed on the furniture, the gush after good glue ammonites cloth, ammonites used cloth button pull clasp and blah and crystal and so on.

6, installation and packaging

all product process is completed, will install some accessories and so on up, installed products is also the most complete. The packing of the products is important for the protection of products, typically with every part of the pearl cotton package good furniture first paper for packaging, sealed with adhesive tape all, and then to nail wooden frame protection.

these are for process in hotel furniture customization, what know what process at the time of custom furniture, so you can use when custom furniture, can choose according to the first some normal competitive hotel furniture custom manufacturer.

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