Custom hotel furniture production line of single and group

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-05

custom hotel furniture of efficient production mainly depends on the production system of automation and informationization level. Is different from the traditional panel furniture production to mass production of all kinds of improvement and optimization, custom hotel furniture production system is mainly to meet custom furniture many varieties, small batch, short production cycle and optimization. Custom furniture production process significantly more refined than ordinary board type furniture.

custom hotel furniture production process, the application of the various kinds of advanced manufacturing technology. Thanks to the development of computer information technology, enterprise and customer communication, control of the production process more accurate, more efficient production system

( 1) Group technology

group technology ( 成组技术、GT) As: the definition of the enterprise a variety of products, components and parts according to certain similarity criterion, categorizing, and on the basis of these groups, each production link, so as to realize many varieties, small batch of rationalization of product design and manufacturing and management. The basic principle of group technology is according to the shape of the structure of the component characteristics, technological process and processing method of similarity to grouping of parts for all products with the system, will be after the merger, to assemble a group of similar parts to organize production and processing, and small batch production for mass production, improve production efficiency. Custom furniture material similar types and structural design to follow the 32 mm system, the technological process of different products, very accord with the requirement of group technology application. In practical production, the enterprises tend to split multiple orders together to form a new production batch, some vendors called production 'section'. A single production section generally includes 10 ~ 12 orders, can give attention to both high efficiency and flexibility.

( 2) Flexible production technology

flexible production ( 灵活的生产) Refer to rely mainly on highly flexible is given priority to with computer numerical control machine tool manufacturing equipment to realize many varieties, small batch production mode. This mode of production, refers to the enterprise overall activity, including all the manufacturing process and management process. Its advantage is to enhance the flexibility of manufacturing enterprises and strain capacity, and shorten the production cycle, improve equipment utilization and labor efficiency, improve product quality

custom furniture production in a large number of the application of flexible manufacturing technology. In drilling process, for example, traditional board type furniture production in order to adapt to the requirement of mass production will be based on the system bore holes, fittings such as different arrangement using different processing equipment, processing multiple process. And custom furniture production, mostly focuses punching process adopts CNC CNC drilling center to complete. Drilling center 'flexible' strong, applicable to different parts of multiple slots processing. Although many drilling machine drilling efficiency is much higher, but multiple processes combined using CNC CNC drilling center overall efficiency is higher.

( 3) ERP + CRM system

ERP ( 企业资源规划) Enterprise resource planning the acronym in English, it is enterprise logistics flow, cash flow, information flow three resources as the main management contents of a corporate management system. CRM( 客户关系管理) — Customer relationship management, is designed to improve the new management system of the relationship between businesses and their customers. At present, the custom furniture enterprises in the production and business operation has started the ERP and CRM system integration, at the same time to design, manufacture, sales, system integration become one.

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