Custom hotel furniture must pay special attention to what?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-23
Have many hotels to hotel furniture customization, but many people don't know the hotel furniture custom-made steps, blindly follow suit to custom-made hotel furniture, the last is not satisfactory. Custom hotel furniture must pay special attention to what? A: hotel has a total area of custom-made hotel furniture, there are a lot of advantages, such as interior designer door-to-door service, based on the provisions of the consumer and interior space size, show me a few sets of scheme design, then the manufacturer according to consumer choose plan, create the furniture and take delivery installation; Hotel furniture can specifications according to the different hotel room layout and structure design, can with the hotel structure perfection. 2: design style is consistent many people blame custom-made furniture, home into the house after think not take tone with the interior decoration of the room style. Before perform interior decoration, hotel furniture design style should be will confirm, then in accordance with the design style, to custom, the furniture of choose and buy and soft outfit design, it can prevent furniture and general indoor decorate a style to inconsistent status. Another, many people choose furniture customization in addition to the pursuit of perfect personalized, would also like to bargain, if cost budget co. , LTD. , is do not have to do some simple in pursuit of perfect personalized without the necessity of design plan, lead to unnecessary extravagance and waste. Three: rationality expense budget hotel furniture custom-made don't keen on gaining petty advantages, actually cheap furniture custom although may look not to come out the little defect on the surface, but the application after period of time, custom furniture raw materials, quality, spare parts, which will affect the actual application. Proposal when choosing hotel furniture, therefore, based on their own actually need to do well the cost budget, again according to the bargain cost budget, final confirmation required for purchase of goods. Four: depth communication said to custom hotel furniture steps, the first, consumer is needs to store information, and designers to develop communication, interior designer will be door-to-door to carry out the accurate measurement, confirm the furniture size and placement site, followed by production, distribution after installation. Because the custom hotel furniture is different from the general of finished product furniture, customers and vendors communication can not only stay in simple ways, must be more deep communication. No: acceptance point hotel furniture while considering the human needs, but also has a lot of sequelae, in order to prevent this problem caused, acceptance of work is indispensable. When the owner acceptance furniture customization, to examine the quality of the indoor decoration furniture surface and surface quality, is there a similar package aluminum alloy doors and Windows. Can look from the surface paint layer is linear, bright, is there any drops flow, bubble, ruffle qualities such as faults, also want to see if wood board of partial color, lines is the same, is there any erosion point, and residue and so on, all kinds of man-made plank component package edge processing does is vertical, glue, the surface is bright and leveling, if there is a knock against. In addition, also want to observe the quality of furniture, able to observation, from the part of the furniture between each component of the node of rationalization and firmness. The overall structure of the furniture, each node, contains the level and vertical in the middle of the node must be closed, can not have a gap, can not loose, customers can use the hand gently push a little, if shaking or came creaking noises, suggests that structure is not strong.
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