Custom hotel furniture in the design, production and marketing of the main features

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-06

before industrialization, people use hand tools and manual process for the production of furniture products, so the early made furniture carpenter manual mill, can be called 'custom' furniture. Even the industrial production has very rich today, give priority to with high processing and assembling manual skills to implement custom production enterprises still exist. But the book of custom furniture mainly refers to on the basis of modern manufacturing mode, according to each consumer demand, tailored personalized furniture. Discussed mainly in civil furniture category to ark kind of furniture is given priority to. Custom furniture including the range of products with the finished product furniture is no big difference, according to the household life space consists of bedroom, sitting room, dining-room, study, kitchen and bathroom furniture, currently, is by the kind of furniture as the main body to ark, gradually transition to the whole house customization era of whole household.

custom hotel furniture in the design, production, marketing the main features are as follows:

1, the custom of hotel furniture design compared with traditional finished product furniture is more complicated, the design must consider the combination of the three elements of function, art and technology, as the value of design evaluation standard and thinking development venation, forward development in the field of manufacturing, and the degree of influence on the mode of the manufacturing and advanced, backward development in the field of sales, directly affect the sales performance and customer satisfaction. Custom hotel furniture product design such as form, function is not only reflected in the design itself, with the enterprise more than big data platform integrated into - , become consumer demand information and pass a key link in the process of information integration of production tasks, throughout the product development, production, sales process, such as standardization, modularization, informationization, personalized, interactivity, experience and other elements are short of one cannot.

in terms of the specific design, the development process of product customization hotel furniture and design process, the main target is to establish the development process of mass customization product model and process model, the formation of product master structures and components of master model and master document; And the design process is mainly based on customer demand, on the basis of the above master model and master document, by adopting the method of deformation design and configuration design to design customized product quickly. Deformation design and configuration design is compared with the currently used methods such as a wide range of parametric design and change methods of design, compared with the whole life cycle of product family and product oriented features, systemic is strong, can effectively reduce the inside of the product diversification. Design needs to solve the question is: in the process of the diversification of market necessary choice and diversity enterprise internal control. Therefore, be very stressed in the design of simplified and reuse based on similarity, including product structure, production process and organization structure simplification and reuse, and make the internal components of product family design meets the requirement of the simplified and reuse.

2, custom hotel furniture in the mode of production is not a simple processing and manufacturing level, but the mass customization mode as the core, its essence is a mass production cost and speed to meet the needs of market of mass customization. The production mode totally different from the traditional industrialization mode of production, has been promoting enterprise design technology, manufacturing, marketing, technology and management technology of radical change. Standardization, modularization, informationization, flexibility is its core technology. Looking at manufacturing technology, customized enterprise to have automated manufacturing technology, rationalization, manufacturing technology and reconfigurable manufacturing system in place to ensure that its processing capacity has enough flexibility, can at the same time enough different specifications and varieties of high-efficiency machining parts. In order to reduce cost, reduce the diversity, the configuration of hardware and software, Including process equipment and numerical control program, etc. ) Has good reusability, raw materials and semi-finished products also should have good generality.

3, on marketing technology, custom means of hotel furniture and finished product furniture is different, the core is the application of Internet technology, the virtual reality technology and electronic commerce technology is a common method. Design is custom hotel furniture is an important marketing tool, store designers or design consultant to use and complete the design of the software, according to consumer preferences, habits and customs, decorate a style, the bedroom environment such as products designed to meet the consumer demand, or design by the consumers themselves.

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