Custom hotel furniture design process

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-05

hotel furniture design is a scientific process of artistic creation is the designers use the master of design science basic theory and the modern design method, through creative thinking and new technology application, to new product function, form, structure, process of development and design work. Hotel furniture custom designs also in accordance with the above process, the basic principle of modular design and production scale must be considered. Under the condition of large-scale production of custom furniture design, to a large number of low-cost and rapid response to market special needs. Modular design is the purpose of improving product availability and cost-effectiveness ratio, and realize the standardization and generality, and reduce the production cost of products, for the mass production of the product.

for hotel furniture customization enterprises, furniture design is to adopt concurrent engineering design of mass customization mode, by predicting the needs of customers, before the production's leading design of modular, standardized form variable product model, and then to the individual needs of different users to design the corresponding adapter. The main design process is divided into product development and adaptation. From a consumer perspective, hotel furniture customization design process can be roughly divided into: buy brand selection, orders, measure, design, production, installation and after-sales service. Here, from the consumer perspective of custom furniture design process.

1。 Brand choice

brand choice is the first step in consumer custom furniture of choose and buy. Different custom has its different product advantage, main difference is that the price of the furniture, the quality of furniture, the furniture design effect, service quality, etc. Consumers should be according to their own situation to choose suits own furniture brand

2. Guide

guide is a professional furniture sales personnel details needed to consumers in terms of content, the goal is to make consumers understand furniture goods whether accord with you need, to assist consumers to make a decision, to buy it. Buy general content mainly has the form of furniture, function, quality, materials, structure and content.

with the development of science and technology, all the people in the stores with VR ( Virtual reality technology) Look at the furniture. Experience is simply put on VR glasses, can experience 'true-to-life' the household design of effect. Through the true feelings in the design of home furnishings and color style, consumer to determine whether a product with the mind, whether to need to adjust, make a decision. VR technology can also switch to the children's Angle of view, let the consumer to stand in the Angle of the children choose more secure, more suitable for their own rooms of hotel furniture.

3。 On-site measurements

when a customer determine the purchase of furniture brand furniture and related products, need to be done by professional design to measure and determine the size of the furniture every aspect in detail, so that the design of furniture to meet the needs of customers space. Measure the content of the main need size furniture space for customers, including the length, width and height of metope, furniture cylinder size and location, the size of the doors and Windows and location, furniture is put the position and size of the hotel room size, etc.

4。 Design

after the space dimension, the designer can according to customer's room positioning ( Including cultural background, different levels of customer preferences, etc. ) , living conditions, living habits and lifestyles such as basic situation, from the perspective of professional and customer demand, to the preliminary design of hotel furniture, sure to make an appointment with client. Customers can according to your requirements put forward amendments, and communicate with designers, complete solution after repeatedly discussed by the parties, to determine the final design plan.

5。 Order production

after scheme in the design, the customer satisfied with the design of the solution, to be part of the deposit in advance, to confirm the order. Designer according to the customer to confirm the order, with a custom design software to form various production drawings, and send the factory orders production schedule. Design drawings and generate order

6. Install

the designer after determining the scheme, with the customers will plan elaboration for the order to the factory, the factory will be according to the order chart will hotel furniture broken up into parts diagram, and the numeral, production, and packaging transportation to the installation site. Furniture installation by professional installation personnel to unpacking, installation and debugging. Hotel furniture after the installation is complete, confirmed by the customer, and has paid all fees.

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