Custom hotel furniture and board type furniture, rounding

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-06

at present, the custom hotel furniture on the market most to ark wardrobe, cabinets and other kind of furniture, the structure of plate structure. Plate hotel furniture decoration refers to the surface of man-made board as the main base material, to the board for disassembling the basic structure of modular furniture. Common man-made plank are plywood, particle board, density fiber board, joinery board, etc. Common facing materials are two sub-companies named seaport, melamine impregnated paper, wood grain paper, P ∨ C rubber sheet, polyester paint, etc. Board type furniture design specification, simple structure, easy to realize automatic production. As a result, most hotel custom furniture factory produce panel furniture. In addition to various kinds of man-made plank, solid wood can also be used for customized furniture. Also use plate structure, more at this point, the main part to use solid wood furniture processing of plate production.

custom hotel furniture can be as a special form of board type furniture, its production technology is based on a board type furniture, and on the basis of panel furniture production process integration and optimization, to achieve necessary for custom hotel furniture production efficiency and variability.

1, the board type furniture style style variety, color and texture changes can give a person with a variety of different feelings.

3, board type furniture is environmental impact is small, not easy craze, deformation;

5, more common price compared to solid wood furniture, board type furniture is favored by most consumers.

2, board type furniture technology mature and stable quality;

6, board type furniture can customize according to the personality;

4, board type furniture, dismantling to move easily, the combination of parts usually adopt metal hardware, assemble and disassemble very convenient, the furniture of high precision can disassemble for many times installation.

7, the plate processing as long as the sealing side of board type furniture is proper, can also do green environmental protection, no pollution to the environment and the human body. Solid wood furniture wood treated with insect-resistant, mouldproof, also want to use adhesives and paint etc, and if these materials harmful material exceeds bid, will also cause pollution.

8, board type custom furniture can make up for the defect of family, can improve the function of whole household, can be received any design, functional furniture.

9, board type custom furniture can be designed in accordance with domestic outfit style collocation.

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