Custom furniture development trend and the enterprise should be how to cross-border

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-07

as an emerging industry, furniture industry custom furniture can meet the personalized needs of consumers, high space utilization, the advantages of the supply chain, but with the help of intelligent manufacture and flexible production technology to realize large-scale production, is currently the fastest growing furniture field, permeability rising steadily. In recent years, the development of furniture industry as a whole is not ideal, companies such as a cat on hot bricks, cross-border become many enterprises choose of breakthrough, and the most popular custom furniture. Want to crossover success, must first understand the industry development pattern, and listen to industry bosses how to look at the big trend.

in recent years, the main custom made furniture enterprises operating income - 30 40% of high-speed growth, substantially more than 15 - furniture industry as a whole The growth rate of 25%. The industry's future growth space. Our country furniture manufacturing industry revenue of 8559 in 2016. 5 billion, year-on-year increase in 8. 60%, the total profit of 537. 5 billion, year-on-year increase in 7. 90%. Cicc estimates domestic custom furniture industry market size of about 200 billion yuan in 2016, is expected to keep more than 20% growth over the next two years.

in 2015, the industry maintained a good momentum. According to a former adviser to the Chinese forestry industry association sen-lin zhang, according to custom classes aim at an annual rate can reach thirty percent, Sophia leading enterprises such as earnings growth will reach 35% this year. Booming custom class market to attract other categories enterprises on market in droves to make cross-border attempt, custom furniture machinery orders rose 30% this year in anticipation, in the field of cross-border competition will be more and more. As China's real estate just need boom in the past, the real estate industry entered into a state of steady development, customized business prospects are full of confidence, believe that there is at least 5 to 10 years of growth, the market remains to be development.

to custom furniture, the company's informationization level is often in the production, marketing and supply chain management plays a decisive role, is the industry leading profitability steadily up one of the important reasons. The rapid development of custom furniture natural attracted some traditional finished product furniture manufacturer to the field transformation, some custom wardrobe, cabinets and other single category custom-made furniture enterprise also to the whole house furniture customization development; In addition, the home installs enterprises, floor etc are involved in. One analyst thinks, as a growing custom furniture plate, and leading growth certainty is strong, under the current market style preference is expected to become investment hot spot.

for enterprises in recent years to customize the phenomena of the industry, Sophia furniture co. , LTD general manager wang ð © ™ ª that all firewood high flame, Sophia's success today many enterprises to join the custom industry propaganda and promotion, participation in industry From other category to custom, the most difficult part is how we make the high quality product for efficient replication. This requires companies to put down his body, to learn and respect the ideas and development of other industries. Crossover do custom has a benefit, is helpful for organizations to learning, learning every day is to do the custom requirements, turn to do the custom enterprise will have a deeper comprehension on the ability to learn.

Wang Guangwu believe that as long as determined to do the custom, is not a problem is not possible, can only try to control the probability, we need to be psychological expectations. Custom enterprise all hope after finish design, online can directly into a series of production, storage, logistics command, but there is no way to do this, in the final analysis or because the information technology in this industry is not mature enough. Dinggu now encounter the biggest problem, is the process each link of the software doesn't join well, not well compatibility, only will they all get through, can truly solve the problem of the error rate and efficiency of custom industry. Therefore, if want to successful cross-border, need a large number of strengthening production management and information construction.

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