Cupboard door hinge installation method and matters needing attention

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-30

cupboard door hinge, which is what we call the cupboard door hinge, door of cupboard of hinge, hinge is a kind of metal parts, mainly used to connect two parts of furniture and can make its activity, simple cupboard door hinge is made up of two pieces of metal and a mechanical processing of iron, was bar connected two metal plates on the cupboard door, a fixed on the cabinet, when two pieces of metal activities, to realize the function of free open cupboard door, cupboard door hinge is very important in the cupboard door installation, quality of cupboard door hinges and cupboard door hinge installation workmanship are relationship with the quality of the furniture. The cupboard door hinge installation method and matters needing attention have?

cupboard door hinge installation method:

1, choose hinge installation

when we install the cabinet hinges, according to the cabinet doors open and close type to choose the appropriate hinge installations, cupboard door open and close way according to the door of the side plate with the cabinet side position difference, divided into the door, the door half cover and embedded door three installations. When the door of cupboard can cover all the side panel of the cabinet, and the cupboard door and side panel, there is a small gap between we chose to build the whole installation, so in order to open the cupboard door is safe.

when the two doors of the cabinet Shared a side panel, between two cupboard door when you leave a small gap zui, we choose half cover installation, but also choose hinge hinge of the arm is curved. When the cupboard door is located in the interior of the cabinet and the cabinet next to the side panel, in order to let the cupboard door opening and closing is not blocked, we chose to use the embedded installation.

2, ready to need to install the hinges

cupboard door when installing a hinge, cabinet, cupboard door thickness and the size of the size, the weight of the cupboard door and material determines the required number of hinges, such as cabinet height is 1500 mm, weight in September 12 kg, zui 3 - good installation Four hinges, such ability ensure the cupboard door can be used normal switch.

3, fixed hinge hinge cup

will hinge hinge cup smooth level in cabinet on the side panel, use the tool to press the screws into the cabinet in the side panel, and then throw the adornment of the hinge cover, hinge hinge cup installation is complete.

4, the installation of hinge hinge seat

insert hinge on the pedestal, the hinge arm with your fingertips gently downward, when just safety hook hinge hinge arm base, have a 'click' a crunchy, hinge hinge is finished, so the hinge arm and hinged connection, gently press the hinge arm can finish all the installation work of cupboard door hinges. To be on the safe side, zui good according to the order from down to up for installation.

5, check the work

after installation of cupboard door hinges, tested on cupboard door, see if cupboard door to flexible switch.

cupboard door hinge installation note:

3, should check the hinge screws, fasteners, whether they are connected to form a complete set.

1, before installation, should check whether the window frame, door hinges and matching.

2, check the hinge groove matching with hinge whether high, wide and thick.

on page 5, the hinge of two pieces of plate under the condition of asymmetry, which should identify plate should be connected to the fan page, which page plate should be connected to the door window frame, connected to the shaft three side should be with the fixed frame, the side of connected with axial section shall be the fixed frame.

6, when installation, shall ensure that the same door hinges on the shaft in the same vertical line, from door to door to play up.

4, cupboard door hinge connection should match the box, fan material, such as steel frame used in the wooden door hinge, with one side for the welding of steel frame connections, and wooden door connected on one side of the door is wood screw fixation.

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