Cracking of solid wood furniture in the home?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-03
< / P > < P > hardwood furniture, like a person's skin, when air is extremely dry, will loss of moisture, and contraction, hardwood surface cracks may appear a little. But when the relative humidity increases, the hardwood will absorb enough water swelling up, to restore to its original state. But the quality of furniture and solid degree is not affected by the natural changes and reduce. Solid wood furniture cracking < / P > < P > as a result, real wood furniture appear occasionally a little cracking phenomenon belongs to the normal situation. Just saw the wood moisture accounts for more than half the weight of the sheets after drying, wood moisture content control in eight Within 12%, wood moisture content control within + / - 2% difference between makeup, keep the right amount of moisture, in order to coordinate with the relative humidity of the furniture, the furniture in the paint to furniture back when special attention should be paid to spray paint to coordinate thick enough to protect the furniture inside the wood moisture content, this furniture is to control the cracking necessary precondition. < / P > < P > use prevention guidelines < / P > < P > solid wood furniture is in the process of manufacturing through dry, dehydrated, is to prevent the furniture is in in the process of using the cracking and deformation. But this process is not absolute, consumer also should pay attention to take good care of when to use. < / P > < P > in general, because the north dry all the year round, the precipitation is less, the relatively small production environment humidity, moisture content is low, and the winter climate is dry, try to shorten the time that open a window, the appropriate increase humidity indoors, not only is good for people to live, is of great help to the maintenance of wooden furniture also. Many people mistakenly think that open a window ventilated, winter indoor temperature drop, this natural wooden furniture cracks is abate, but furniture is the real cause of the cracks from humidity, rather than temperature. In addition the air temperature is higher, the more saturated water, that is to say, the winter indoor outdoor relative humidity. This will open a window ventilated will only the cold air outside in come in, make indoor more dry. Humidity of the room at about 50% for furniture maintenance is advantageous. < / P > < P > although dry air can make the wooden osteoporosis, but the humidifying also wants be particular about science. Wood moisture absorption, the wooden furniture along with the change of environment change easily, so let's put it in a cool, ventilated, moderate temperature and illumination. As close to the damp walls can make the difference of hygroscopic and expansion of wood, easy to crack, mildew, will often dehumidification, usually a half month. Heating period using a humidifier, attention should be paid to the distance between the humidifier and furniture cannot too close, humidity of the room not too high. < / P > < P > solid wood furniture put to avoid strong light direct illuminate, winter use heaters, fireplaces, heating, don't close to the furniture, fade in case furniture cracking. Next, should keep indoor and ventilated, dry, don't let the noise of wooden furniture always in damp environment, furniture to avoid mildew. If the climate is particularly dry, can give the furniture a little sprinkling water, case become warped crack. Can install humidifier instruments to adjust the family maintain indoor humidity in order to protect the furniture. < / P > < P > with < / P > < P > furniture belly board like the thief phenomenon due to shrinkage can be used to repair the paint repair, this is not affect the use and appearance. Such as a slight cracking ( Gap width within 2 mm) In does not affect the use and the appearance of special circumstances can use furniture repair crayons maintenance, such as effect use, need professional maintenance appearance! < / P >
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