Cotton candy sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

a lot of people complain of the sofa is not easy to clean, especially people with cleanliness, always can't doubt sofa clean crevice have a lot of garbage, some even for this reason and never buy a sofa. Small make up today is to introduce a easy to clean, and very individualizing sofa: sofa of cotton candy.

cotton candy sofa is Irving Harper and George Nelson design work, the product catalog Herman Miller was describe it like this: (1) pregnant with a new concept of soft chair products. Cotton candy sofa ( 纳尔逊棉花糖沙发) Soft mat of the following is supported by tubular steel frame, the bottom is smooth like satin black sofa legs of the lacquer that bake. Strange design technique of making 18 soft mat looks like floating on the frame. The disassembly round cushion is also very convenient, can easily complete the comprehensive cleaning, also can exchange the position of the various soft mat, put out the new model.

put on such a sofa in the sitting room, can highlight the distinctive personality, is also very extensive USES, even want to sit on the ground to play games, also can remove the round cushion when the mat.

emperor production of cotton candy, sofa, 纳尔逊棉花糖沙发) Imported leather as the fabric, frame as the frame of the lacquer that bake, round cushion of 26 cm in diameter, thickness of 8 cm, internal filling PU stereotypes sponges, sponge all materials adopt environmental health.

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