Corner sofa should be how to choose and buy and put better?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-07

choose the right sofa can let a space to use more compact, also can build the household atmosphere is more active, popular with many of the owners, when the choose and buy according to the size of the space to determine the size, there are some skills when putting, to give a full play to the superiority of the corner sofa. Here is a look at some corner sofa of choose and buy and put is how to create a comfortable home environment!

corner sofa modern style, the pursuit of fashion and trend of the people's favorite, with plates, metal, glass, plastic, etc. , style is concise and lively and trendy. Corner sofa appearance delicate, fashion, practical, elegant modelling, fine line processing, match with intricate floral design is given priority to, leisurely and comfortable, natural life interest, which fully reflects the aesthetic feelings of perfectionism.

cloth art corner sofa cloth is to determine the focus of the sofa is good or bad, the cloth with the different quality, price may differ a few times or more. Different types of fabric also for people in different feeling and visual effects, usually made of pure cotton cloth art corner sofa is comfortable, soft, can see warp/weft knitting line. The quality of wood corner sofa skeleton is has a great influence on the quality of the sofa, there is some corner sofa also exposed with a wooden or man-made board structure, such as handrails, etc. A good corner sofa its wooden parts imported from phenolic resin rubber sheet, rubber wood, the miscellaneous wood, after drying and drug treatment, corrosion resistance, no deformation. Wooden frame to use after high temperature drying and disinfection treatment of hard wood, humidity under 13 degrees, have mouldproof and moth-proofing function.

it's on the corner of the large sand can fill the blank of the space and a visitor in virtually formed the independent space. The real wood sofa with minor volume, or cabinet cloth art sofa, make space of room the rest larger. Corner sofa is one of the most common L decorate, the long side of the sofa is put into arc shape, in order to increase the comfort of the conversation between subject and object. Ring arrangement variation, it is a large furniture square round tea table, can also be a different style of sofa is placed into a circular arc form, can also is not kept in scattered, but regardless of distance, for tea table is in the center of the direction of each seat. The placement of the concrete and the Angle should be in accordance with the indoor area, daylighting, walking space, and so on these external factors to specific decision.

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