Coriaceous sofa how to maintain good?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-05
Coriaceous sofa maintenance of professional maintenance of oil.

s maintenance guide

deal with dirt with professional cleaners

leather sofa surface with a soft cloth graze again, again USES the special leather cleaner to wipe all the sofa surface again. Difficult to remove dirt, can use a small amount of special cleaner at scale, let stand for a period of time, then wipe with a soft cloth.

tip: before formal use cleaning products can be in inconspicuous corners to try out. If consumers to sofa maintain without the corresponding knowledge, advice to special maintenance for cleaning and maintenance.

maintenance with maintenance oil leather sofa

to maintain leather sofa in leather surface coated with a layer of leather maintenance of oil, if no maintenance of oil, oil available and sofa leather jacket of the same colour or colorless oil of jacket for its entire evenly on the leather surface.

tip: don't use hair dryer dry, do not put the sofa in the sun insolates, nor where close to the heating radiator, to ensure that at least 100 - furniture and radiator and radiator 200 cm distance.

cloth art sofa be affected with damp be affected with damp proof

most of the fabrics of cloth art sofa can be machine wash and wash. If be affected with damp be affected with damp cloth art sofa, can use hair dryer dry or dryers to dry, but should pay attention to keep a certain distance with the cloth surface.

tip: if infected with large stain on the sofa, and you don't have the ability to skillfully operate, had better ask professional cloth art sofa cleaning team to solve.

once a week dust cloth art sofa

cloth art sofa flap normally available dry towel to remove dust and small debris; Can also use small vacuum cleaner regularly vacuuming, once a week for the best. The gap of sofa armrest and back of a chair also must use special vacuum cleaner to clean.
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