Coriaceous sofa about how to choose?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-29

it is important to furniture, sofa sofa material also is varied, including leather sofa and much attention has been paid to consumers. Coriaceous sofa choice need to consider what problem? How should see coriaceous sofa quality ok or not? Coriaceous sofa in use process should be how to maintain? Today we will talk about leather sofa to select and maintenance problems.

a, leather sofa, how to choose

1, the grain

head layer cowhide its grain is not uniform, grain have greatly small, artificial skin texture has rules, the average person can identify to the naked eye.

2, see framework quality

the whole sofa repeatedly shaking force around, if feel good, description framework is firm. With the business staff, uncovered the cloth in the corner of the bottom view, if there is no bad rot, no bug eat by moth, no scar, bright and clean without bark or wood wool hard miscellaneous wood, and with the material at the connecting with mortise or carved mouth bite each other without nails, there is no problem.

3, see inside cushion quality

refers to the sponge, sponge according to the elastic points play high, ultra soft shot 3 kinds. Shot sponge backrest and armrest, high elasticity and high elastic super soft sponge seat part, there are still some merchants to join stereotypes sponges or setting colloid material, to stabilize its modelling. In addition to the clerk, the kinds of the filler must sit down and enjoy the comfort.

4, sofa sits

sofa sit feeling is basically decided by sponge, at the same time is not the more the better soft sponge, sponge in soft also has good resilience to keep the service life of sofa. Consumers can use the hand to press sofa, look at its recovery rate to judge its resilience. Consumers need to feel with the hand rails at the same time, to see if the sponge homogeneous soft, hard the consumer can choose suits own as much as possible, don't pursue too soft, have certain influence to the body.

5, the leather face

buy leather sofa should choose leather. Luster, smooth leather face to no scarring, skin texture grain is exquisite, hold a pulled up with the tips of your fingers and pull, should feel is flexible, powerful, sit after the wrinkles by dressing can disappear or not obvious, the leather is fine leather.

6, see the materials

dermal sofa is divided into full and half leather sofa leather sofa, full leather sofa value is very high, breathable and good environmental protection performance. Half leather sofa on the back of the sofa, and other hidden at the bottom of the part to the PU leather or artificial leather PVC instead of leather, but the value of direct contact with human body parts are still higher cowhide, which reduces the sofa cost, more economical and practical.

2, leather sofa, how to maintain

1, the new buy leather sofa, you should use a clean soft cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the sofa, avoid by all means is wiped or washing with water;

2, and then to the surface of leather sofas, leather quality leather simulation oil on protective care, benefits: it won't appear what kind of detergent, are difficult to clean, painted on the surface of the children is difficult to the sofa BiYou, and can also prevent mildew.

3, leather sofa in 1 ~ 6 months the nursing time, when the leather sofa dry, show such as wrinkles, must care, otherwise, will soon crack scrap.

4, to ensure that the bedroom is ventilated, too dry or humidity can accelerate the ageing of leather; Second, leather sofa do not put in direct sunlight to place, also do not put in air conditioning blows directly to the place, so can make leather harden, fade. Sunlight are common as the sitting room, might as well a while some sofa intermodulation position to prevent color difference obvious; If the humidity is bigger, can take advantage of 8 ~ 10 o 'clock in the morning of the weak sunlight for 1 hour.

5, to avoid sharp cut leather: if use undeserved cause leather surface appear small cracks, scratch, available egg qing dynasty grinding ink, color skin corresponding watercolor colors are available, and repeatedly daub, wait for dry after appearing to smear leather polish or vaseline; If the crack is opposite bigger, with the high quality adhesives such as black glue evenly applied to the cut slits on both sides, for 8 ~ 10 minutes, taut crevasse, alignment adhesive.

visible, coriaceous sofa framework should choose from grain, sense of quality, internal quality bedding, sofa, the materials into consideration, such as leather sofa at the same time maintain the need to avoid sharp scrape, avoid infected with besmirch, if cleaning, need to pay attention to the right way.

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