Contracted style furniture sedate atmosphere is preferred

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

mentioned contracted style, how not to say Chinese contracted style? The furniture of Chinese style and contracted style with traditional Chinese style is contemporary and contracted style, the less the boredom of traditional Chinese style, also don't like contemporary and contracted lightsome, sedate and do not break the grade. The furniture of Chinese style and contracted style with Chinese style style, from material to color is given priority to with real wood, brown department, but look from details, Chinese style and contracted furniture more horizontal even vertical, less the grain and sculpture of heavy and complicated, more fit modern city people's favorite.

the contracted style recreational chair is made of high quality of northeast China ash, natural solid. Back of a chair cushions selected environmental close skin bathing dresses of wool flannel with high density sponge filling, thick comfortable seating, resilience is very good. Tight and the framework of the beauty of the Z joggle technology, very elegant simplicity, especially on the side of contour, copy is like works of art highly aesthetic feeling. Of the emperor factory outlet, simple Chinese style furniture whether the level of appearance or sit feeling is impeccable, Z chair can be placed in the sitting room is used as a single person sofa, can be used in all kinds of leisure places.

overall Chinese contracted style gives a person pure and fresh and lively sense, single colour lets a space layout more consistent. The contracted style of Chinese style furniture is given priority to with warm color, commonly fabrics choose more hard to handle, cloth and leather, this creates a natural, simple visual effect. Contracted style is not the same as random and ordinary, simple things can actually outstanding characteristics, Chinese style and contracted style furniture, composed and dignified.

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