Contracted grey cloth art sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-14

for little space, make full use of every area of the indoor, become a necessary means in the reconstruction of the designer and let's look at this small apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 33 square meters, how starting from the design cost and practicability, reasonable division pattern, let indoor be make full use of every one. Light art deco, contracted grey cloth art sofa, small and pure and fresh the eat chair that area is not large, but still full of bright spots.

on the other side for the concise kitchen, how compact but not mixed and disorderly arrangement function, is the problem that designers carefully considered. Original spacious outdoor, considering the actual needs of homeowners, designers will change it to the restaurant, laundry room, lounge, in order to maximize the use of indoor space.

between the sofa of the sitting room and bedroom, hollow batten as partition, divide the area at the same time guarantee the light permeability. For this small space, it provides a very useful classification rule, decorative, artistic quality will no longer is the primary problem.

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