Contracted and what kind of leather sofa leisure furniture more comfortable?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-14

contracted what kind of leather sofa leisure furniture is more comfortable? Leather furniture to hear most is real leather, and the skin of the common several classes, cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin.

simple leather sofa

under the first to introduce artificial leather, technology progress, quality and texture of ascension, and is also used by a large number of man-made leather furniture, artificial leather is also very much the kinds of common are: XiPi, imitation leather, environmental protection, such as leather, microfiber leather for leather is not the same as we are introduced.

1, XiPi: also is a kind of artificial leather, mainly USES the PVC, the thickness in 1. 0 mm above.

2, imitation leather: main use is made of PVC leather, imitation leather surface conversion, see if imitation leather of good quality from the thickness of the imitation leather can see that the nation: thick 0. 65MM- - - - - - - 0. 75 mm, generally imitation leather thickness of 0. 7 mm, have a thick one. 0毫米,1。 2毫米,1。 5毫米,2。 0 mm, imitation leather is thicker, the better, people for aesthetic has certain requirements now, so is the color of the imitation leather requirements, a far cry from what cannot do and leather, imitation leather will have some days that the taste of water.

3, green leather: as a new kind of artificial leather, have similar to the leather handle, more popular.

4, microfiber leather, microfiber leather as all of artificial leather and leather feel is the most like, outsiders have no surplus fibre difference between leather and leather, microfiber leather is super fine fiber simulation leather sofa, also referred to as the bonded leather, belongs to the synthetic leather one, high-grade leather is often used, but do not belong to the leather. And a hardy, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, air permeability and so on, the advantages of is the preferred instead of leather.

then introduce dermis, contracted, leisure furniture used in very much:

1, cowhide: as a common skin, also contracted leisure furniture sofa is more comfortable, handle, comfort is very good, smooth and fine, clear texture, colour and lustre downy, bao hou uniform, pore hides large, thin, dense and irregular arrangement, its advantages are good skin. According to the producing area is divided into cortex imported leather, imported leather, domestic leather, and is the main Italian on imported leather, domestic leather is given priority to with sichuan leather, hebei leather. Good leather furniture handle delicate, large thickness, good toughness. All green husk is also called the first layer of skin, it is to point to to go to MAO's thick skin and meat and direct dyeing slight spraying fill the cracks, process using chemical materials is very small, very healthy environmental protection, good natural grain kept on, skin table can clearly see fine pores, authenticity, permeability is good, price is the most expensive in the cortex type.

2, sheepskin, leather small regularly, but need to joining together, cannot be an organic whole, affect beautiful.

3, pigskin, products in the font triangle arrangement, pore cortex coarse, glossiness is poor, not suitable for sofa.

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