Continental annatto sofa of choose and buy skills?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-19

sofa is indispensable to our every family furniture, now many people for the choice of sofa will always intertwined, don't afraid of collocation home decoration. Now the style of the decoration style, American style, so, today we introduce European annatto for everybody the choose and buy of sofa price and European annatto sofa skills. Hope can bring you help. A, european-style mahogany sofa price is very large annatto price fluctuation in the luxury classic sofa, and annatto is a general designation, specific points several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of, a set of annatto rosewood luxury classic sofa price, six times, for example, myanmar's big red sandalwood wood, such a price at around $60000. Haihe river million degrees of annatto furniture is quite full, can consider to have a look. Second, European mahogany when the choose and buy of sofa techniques for choosing annatto sofa still need to shop around, look at the price of the same design all aspects of the contrast; Second annatto sofa in addition to cushion the rest should be mahogany, and only can call when buy businesses show me inspection report, remember to repair. Come up to discern between true and false mahogany sofas from wood grain and weight. True annatto sofa, itself with purple, yellow, red, terra-cotta-colored and crimson, and other natural red, plain wood grain is beautiful, quiet and tastefully laid out and pure and fresh. Fake mahogany couch after paint its color is very thick, often radiant with white, no texture to be found. Really solid mahogany sofa, texture closely, oak wood than normal. The same shape and size of the fake mahogany sofas, there are obvious differences on weight, lighter than the real thing. And to understand what is annatto sofa in the first place. Annatto sofa is mainly sofa base is mahogany. Annatto is a hardwood, now people's habitual to hardwood furniture are collectively referred to as annatto furniture. But in fact the most authentic annatto is best rosewood, mahogany furniture on the market are mostly rosewood and rosewood. Above is today to introduce the relevant European annatto sofa prices and European annatto full knowledge of the choose and buy of sofa techniques, the material of sofa a lot, good quality sofa is very much also, according to their own needs, can choose slowly. According to their own home decorate a style to choose.
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