Contemporary sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24

is a product of modern sofa belong to modern classic popular sofa, modern sofa is very beautiful, fashion, modern, unique, is now in the sofa of the more popular a kind of style, modern sofa in addition to pay attention to appearance, also very pay attention to practical, every detail is decided according to comfort, some factories will be combined with the style of the sofa afterlife capacity series of furniture, the main purpose is to order can be received project.

modern sofa and classification is the same as the other sofa, can according to the material points: modern leather sofas, modern cloth art sofa and other modern fabric sofa, can according to the structure points: modern tall back sofa, modern low back sofa, ordinary contemporary sofa.

in the modern sofa can't trample and jumping, avoid sofa loss of elasticity. The price of the sofa in addition to the surface of the fabric by line to distinguish, the density of the built-in sponge sofa, cushion materials, framework, horse will affect the price of the sofa. Like high-end modern sofa, cushion use the density of the general in more than 30 kilograms per cubic meter in high foam sponge, back of a chair will be a little less, in more than 25 kg, the purpose of this design is to improve the sit comfort, make the sofa has high flexibility and aging resistance.

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