Contemporary boreal Europe style furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-21
Modern Nordic style to: modern, simple, nature is given priority to, the design of boreal Europe led to the subsequent: minimalism, minimalism, the birth of postmodernism, modern Nordic style home has a lot of schools, but the main or the three schools, are: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, modern design design, the three schools pushed the boreal Europe furniture to the world, let the Nordic style has reached the acme. The middle of the 20th century in the northern European economic rapid development make northern europeans have a generous welfare system, the design of boreal Europe still pay attention to man and nature, society, and environment of the science of organic union, still attaches great importance to the practicability of the products, it is worth to be learned by our domestic designers. Another characteristics of boreal Europe style, is the use of black and white. This in a lot of furniture design are introduced, the black and white color belong to the universal color in interior design, can be in any occasion, match with any color photograph. But in the domestic bedroom of boreal Europe style, black and white as the main tonal, often or the ornament of important use of color, the decoration is very modern, fashionable, if match the modern furniture is very perfect.
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