Contemporary and contracted style the designer's private house

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

this is a contemporary and contracted style the designer's private houses, even if has twenty years of design experience, even transformed countless houses, but for their own private residence, Rob Mills are still cautious, from design to material selection, he hopes of the fusion of architecture and design, and life can be full, the layout of the whole open, full of light, bright and clean of concrete material, whether it is on the vision, or the control of sound insulation, achieve the best results.

contemporary and contracted style designer Rob Mills to reduce adornment, bold use a lot of brass element, is in sharp opposition, is also a harmonious balance. Ash concrete of the spiral staircase is elegant and the atmosphere, with a black marble steps, color contrast, curve and elegant atmosphere, this is not only to the design of fine processing, owner of art is a salute. Transition from the cold hard smooth concrete to the rich texture of woodiness material, natural elements, but create a completely different visual perception, colour is full of the adornment picture with double sofa, space for plain basal joined the restoring ancient ways and the effect of personality.

gold, always is the most unique scenery space, when the original plain with gorgeous and elaborate, jin was clever to get rid of the traditional tacky images. Contemporary and contracted style designer Rob Mills from the street to see a window of the building, is a rich and interesting, and in indoor, look from the window to the street is just meets the requirements of the light, and lead to the most vivid window scene.

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