Contemporary and contracted style leisure furniture reveal the whole house small style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

contemporary and contracted style leisure furniture reveal the whole house small style, absorbing is a wall, wall body without wallpaper, contracted white white wall, hang a few highlights of modern European paintings sufficient reflects the simple leisure style, design a boreal Europe style on the left side of the heating furnace, simple as a border, deserve to act the role of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, unique chimney X light foot, reflect master from the details of the contracted style, open the bedroom, closely connected with the sitting room, which reflects the overall room spacious, open personality, woodiness floor, direct contact with the skin is relatively more warmth and ceramic tile floor, more temperature.

work outside all day, can be brought home often yearning for a warm, this house, the furniture to be able to set the whole style style must be placed in the center of the sitting room of Knoll sofa, the sofa of neat, angular but you don't have sharp feeling, built-in high density sponge springback is better, more comfortable, comfortable the whole style of contracted recreational style, if deserve to go up some classic furniture such as: Barcelona chair, the chair that highlighted and so on small endowment the modern recreational style.

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