Contemporary and contracted style furniture to pursue simple and natural

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

contemporary and contracted style furniture: the pursuit of simple and natural. With concise form to meet the demand for space environment the perceptual, this is the international popular design style - today - Concise and lively minimalism. And modern fast rhythm, high frequency, at full capacity, people have to accept the point of no. In this increasingly busy life, people yearn for a kind of can relax thoroughly, with concise and pure to adjust the space of the spirit of conversion, are in complementary consciousness, under the domination of eager to get rid of the cumbersome and complex, the pursuit of simple and natural.

contemporary and contracted style furniture, color jumping. Apple green, dark blue, bright red, yellow high purity colour profusion, bold and flexible, is not only to follow the contracted style, also show individual character.

emphasizes the functional design, contracted and fluent line, the colour contrast, this is the characteristic of modern style furniture. In addition, the extensive use of tempered glass, stainless steel and other new materials as auxiliary material, and a common adornment gimmick of modern style furniture, can give a person the feeling of halfback, uninhibited. Because of the simple line, less decorative elements, modern style furniture need perfect soft outfit to cooperate, to show the aesthetic feeling. Such as the need to cushion, sofa table need table cloth, bed curtains and bed sheet foil, soft outfit in place is the key to modern style furniture decoration.

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