Contemporary and contracted furniture table how to match

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

contemporary and contracted furniture, how to match the tea table. In contemporary household adornment, tea table range is very wide, not only refers to in the old tea table before sofa, even put the phone and the table lamp of table lamp, decorate sofa back of a chair of sofa a few can be classified as the categories of tea table, etc. Inside the bedroom, all kinds of tea table, both material and style, can bring different ornament to household style.

glass tea table changing space

texture of glass tea table has made great development in recent years, especially the overall shape of the toughened glass tea table, more full of streamline feeling, as if there is water flowing in the living room. Due to the quality of a material is glass, so the tea table also has the clear, pure and fresh and transparent texture, after fully empty light, stereo effect, can let a space become bigger and more vibrant.

shtick, matching with the glass tea table there are many kinds of sofa, the cane makes up of cloth art sofa, wooden sofa, leather sofa, etc, is fit for collocation glass tea table. While the tea table of carve patterns or designs on woodwork glass and iron combination is more suitable for the space of classicism and wide American leisure sofa match is good too.

wooden table warm sitting room

wooden table, can give a person warmth, the feeling of peace. And rosewood, wood carve patterns or designs on woodwork or spelling a flower tea table, tea table is its elegant, more suitable for classic European or Chinese style classical atmosphere. Generally speaking, the tea table in the European classical furniture is with metal package edge, appears more gorgeous.

shtick: contracted type and log tea table is very suitable for the current epidemic of shallow light color leather sofa and cloth art sofa match. And pure annatto tea table, it belongs to the Chinese style style, collocation should also and MingQingShi tables and chairs.

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