Comfortable sit feeling dermal sofa is recommended

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-03

why called dermal sofa furniture of breathing? Because leather retained the original pore, permeability than the rest of the fabric will be better. In addition, the real leather soft tactility is people choose leather one of the factors.

small make up the selection of these three dermal sofa material chooses the comfortable leather, but the style is different, to see which is most suitable for your style.

the design fully out of the concept of sofa chair of sofa, more like a senior shakedown, sofa cushion height close to the ground, sitting position must be casual, serious is not suitable for this sofa, suit to nattering about friends sit together.

, the structural be clear at a glance of the sofa, solid wood at the bottom of the row above a square piece of cushion, a very simple design. Have to return to the original form of sofa.

this is the most prominent a tatami designer's idea, from the armrest pad to the cushion to the framework, three things are completely separated, but put together and feel really. If you have friends or relatives home when boarding, this piece of couch couch rice for when the bed is quite good.

the sofa wood frame can all be clear at a glance to see that only the back part of the framework is the glossy black corduroy, shiny black corduroy and sofa cushion for leaning on of photograph echo, in the original natural breath adds a fashionable element.

sit bottom USES is another not reflective of the black velvet material, but this kind of material, once on the debris or dust or water, will be hard to clean, use a vacuum cleaner to clean is the best choice.

sofa cushion is pillow type design, the outer edge of the car line, and there is a section of the section of leather and trimming, taste kind of imitation of the manual, also combines the whole sofa design of the original feeling. Fabric is beige leather, light color fabric would clean care to avoid troubles than dark fabrics. Cushion filling material for goose feather, feels very soft and comfortable.

on the back of the sofa there is a shelf. Don't look down upon this shelf, it makes the whole sofa is practical. We want to see at ordinary times can be books, newspapers and magazines on the shelf, stretched out his hand to want to see. We can put the electric equipment such as TV, DVD, air conditioning remote control on the above, in Taiwan, broadcast music, adjustable temperature, can lay on the sofa, especially suitable for lazy people.

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