Combination wardrobe installation skills do you know what

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-26
Because the interior space is limited, so there are very few independent cloakroom, we are usually the assembling the wardrobe in the bedroom, can make the whole wall make chest, can also be combined with other cabinet combination design, so that not only combination wardrobe space is large, and also more function. Furniture co. , LTD. To see the bedroom wardrobe combinations below what are the advantages and combination wardrobe installation techniques. Bedroom combination wardrobe advantages compared with ordinary wardrobe, its storage capacity is very big, ordinary wardrobe has many models, but more models can't compare with combination of chest. After all, it occupies a whole wall. Combination advantage on the chest and the style, generally combination wardrobe is customized, design companies can customize according to customer's own aesthetic demand in line with the characteristics of the combination of the chest, the size of the wardrobe and area corresponds to the household, does not lead to buy not appropriate size of the wardrobe. In addition, the combination of chest big advantage is the ability to build a private space, if bedroom area is enough big, chest is enough to constitute a small closet. The combination wardrobe installation techniques combination wardrobe, you should first floor is ok. The foundation is very important, if not ok, at the bottom of the can make the structure of the whole wardrobe is unstable. When installation should pay attention to interface to alignment, installation documentation, with handle gently shaking will not shake, generally there is at the bottom of the drawer, can not install first, framework to determine first, obligate installation space. Combination is installed on the bottom of the wardrobe, then install the back, should pay attention to keep the back and bottom ninety degree Angle, not tilt, use measurement tools to measure carefully as far as possible, avoid to produce the error. After installed back, be about to install combination wardrobe side panel and roof, side side panel connection back, a connection plate, board with board between is ninety degree Angle, roof installed on the top of the wardrobe, attention should be paid to the stability of interface, should be firmly fixed to the top. Combination wardrobe general how much is the price of the wardrobe commonly are charging per hundred square meters, the price is in 799 yuan/square meter - brand chest - About 2000 yuan/square meters, the specific set of clothes ark need how many money, is the need to look at consumers to buy the whole set of chest area to calculate cost. ( The price is for reference only) Buy wardrobe advised consumers to see the chest of a few brands, from price, material, process, design, and so on under the comprehensive comparison, if buy blindly, late may may appear many problems, such as the collocation of style, quality is bad, odor and back, such as big, then find business theory, there will appear many problems, so the more market, and is a good choose a selection of chest. Bedroom combination wardrobe can also be very large storage capacity, combined with other cabinet to make better use of each square meter bedroom space, design the whole chest wall appears more fashionable atmosphere, which is now one of the big advantages of custom chest, deeply the general consumer favorite. Keywords: 446 combination wardrobe installation, combination wardrobe manufacturer, wholesale combination wardrobe
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