Colour is applied law: create fashionable household space

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-09

how to make the household space full of fashionable feeling energetic again? The best way is using colorful creative furniture. In the space of spectacular, and using some color bright, the design feels strong creative furniture, can very good make up for the space design flaws. Can be a lightweight chic recreational chair, a set of colored cloth art sofa, as long as is applied proper, can make the space that occupy the home bright individuality vigor. The following share some about the colors of fashionable household space law.

1: use of color space that occupy the home opportunely with black and white ash

the household design of general plan, will limit the color within three. Of course this is not absolute, because the designer is familiar with the deeper the color relations, coloring may exceed 3 kinds. Black, white, grey is a color, do not calculate within the limit of 3 kinds of color. No color can make any kind of colour looks more clean, it is not in itself a key, to build a sense of balance.

the space that occupy the home use 2 color: color golden rule

colour collocation is the basic rule of 60: ', the main color is 60%, the proportion of the secondary color is 30%, the proportion of the secondary color is 10%. Such as interior space, the colour of the wall with the proportion of 60%, within a household bedding, curtain is 30%, then 10% is small act the role ofing is tasted and works of art. The law, is the golden rule is applicable to any time any place.

the space that occupy the home use 3: color to choose the color scheme

the color scheme is based on the 12 kinds of basic color balance relationship. It avoid trouble through trial and error to choose color. That is to say, we usually have two choices, one is a complementary color collocation, is a kind of color is tie-in. Learned art all know, on the color wheel, two color relative is the complementary color is tie-in, similar color is a kind of color is tie-in. Generally we need build a lively and movement in space, choose red and green, blue and green. Then the similar color is similar, such as yellow and green, and blue and purple.

the space that occupy the home use 4 color: color of seasonal

in the autumn colors, for example, autumn is the season of a everything ready to enter the winter, so it is a bleak, not suitable for of the activity and the environment. If you want the family to this let a person quiet atmosphere, with the colors of autumn, like mustard yellow, brown, this kind of dark color is more suitable. Spring is the season of things grow, so the color of the spring color natural and bright, eye-catching, full of vitality. It is suitable for space such as dining-room, in spring colors, pink, fruit green, give a person the feeling is very lively.

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