Cloth art sofa usually need maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-02

many families choose cloth art sofa in the sitting room, the cloth art sofa usually need how to maintain? Small make up take you to understand it.

1 elastic determines the comfort of the cloth art furniture, fabrics, the sun for a long time not only can make the fabric elastic, and easy to make colour fade, therefore, should avoid to cloth art furniture exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Put where can avoid sunlight, or use the translucent gauze curtain separates the sunlight. To extend the service life of cloth art furniture.

2, cloth art furniture is easy to dirty, especially the armrest, cushion part of the furniture. Easy to dirty should be above the furniture on the shop towel or large cloth.

3, cloth art furniture is easy to dust, normal maintenance should pay attention to dust. At ordinary times can beat it with a dry towel. Can vacuum cloth art furniture once a week, especially pay attention to removing dust between the fabric structure. Armrest, back of a chair, and also must consider between cracks, can use more rotation Angle and suction can change the size of a vacuum cleaner, in order to purge out of the dust of the gap between the foreign body.

4, cloth art furniture is easy to deformation, should avoid long time sitting at the same location, in order to prevent the furniture pad deformation wear. Furniture mat flip once a week, make wear uniform distribution. Flap can also often the pads to outdoor, porous sponge structure, also can remove dust surface area.

5, if found loose thread, can't break with the hand, used scissors to cut in.

6, cloth art furniture is stained with besmirch, can use the clean dishcloth touchs water or small amounts of alcohol to wipe. To avoid leave a mark, should wipe from besmirch periphery case. Velvet furniture can not touch water, should use dry cleaner.

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