Cloth art sofa style have?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-01

cloth art sofa is one of the important furniture in the home, people can consider many factors in selecting, style is one of them. What are the main cloth art sofa, style on the market at present? What are the characteristics? Cloth art sofa is in use process should be how to cleaning and maintenance? Today we talk about style and cloth art sofa cleaning and maintenance problems.

what are a, cloth art sofa style

1, pure color

in the choice of cloth art sofa, most people will choose pure color, mainly because of its good collocation, can adapt to most domestic outfit style. Pure color of cloth art sofa as a whole are the same kind of color, or in different regions has a depth. This kind of sofa look more atmosphere, also very able to bear or endure look, time is long is never out of season.

type 2, striped

choose furniture or the need to match our home decorate a style, striped cloth art sofa is also more common. This kind of sofa is suitable for the European and American decorate a style or a rural wind, whole looks very small and pure and fresh. Moreover, this style of cloth art sofa on design is novel, has the characteristics of more than pure color sofa.

3, the types of dark

some people think the sofa is a public area, afraid of the sofa of light color is easy to become dirty, they will choose a few dark type of sofa, like brown, gray, and so on. This type of sofa or a certain era flavor, more line feeling as a whole. However, the brunet department is not suitable for small space of the sitting room sofa, it will appear smaller space.

4, a texture

we often see the cloth art sofa is generally very smooth, this kind of sofa is fairly. With the sofa of texture is more different, this kind of sofa has the certain fluctuation, can appear more upscale look. When we want to buy cloth art sofa, and want to be unique, you can see the sofa of this type.

5, and other material collocation

some cloth art sofa is not merely made of cloth, also can match different materials. For example on the external package cloth art sofa is worn, it is very different style. This is biased towards the northern wind, Japanese style, and the traditional cloth art sofa must have design feeling more. Suitable carpet on collocation, would make whole style is very different.

how about 2, cloth art sofa cleaning and maintenance

1, vacuum at least once a week, pay attention to remove dead Angle, dust between the fabric structure.

2, can use double conversion, such as cushion should turn over once a week, make wear uniform distribution. Also can often flap will cushion to outdoor, loose inside fiber, maintain the elasticity of sofa.

3, such as stained with besmirch, usable and clean dishcloth dips in water wipe, in order not to leave print, can wipe from besmirch periphery case. Velvet furniture cannot touch water, should use dry cleaner.

4, all the tubes and bushing should be in dry cleaning cleaning, not washed, bleaching is prohibited.

5, if found loose thread, do not use hand pull, cut with scissors and tidy flat.

6, cloth sofa, accumulate dirt easily, so should be a tool such as dust with cleaner regularly, but not to brush a head to cloth, in order to avoid the dirt in cloth, or the thread of cloth hook up.

7 wear-resisting degree is inferior to leather sofa and cloth sofa, so should avoid to often sit in the same position, once the cottony ball, can use small scissors, razor or go MAO qiu machine to eliminate them.

8, if with dirt, locally available water scrubbing; If detachable sofa, can be removed after the inside the outer, touch with detergents or detergent to local clean sponge, again to wash; But should pay attention to whether fabric is suitable for washing, if suitable for water, should be in about half a year or so remove the cleaning on a regular basis.

9, new cloth, should be spray antifouling cleaning agent, and antifouling dustproof.

visible, cloth art sofa style mainly includes pure color, stripe, dark color, grain type, etc, people can combine their own needs to choose, and cloth art sofa in use process need to pay attention to maintenance, besides from time to time to clean, more attention should be paid to the correct cleaning methods.

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