Cloth art sofa of choose and buy has a trick

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-02

cloth art sofa, cloth art as the main material, colour profusion, sitting at the same time feels soft and comfortable, let many net friend to move, it is not optional. But how to choose and buy a faithful, comfortable durable cloth art sofa, has become a problem of a lot of people, learn to choose and buy of cloth art sofa along with small make up!

PART1: introduction of cloth art sofa

for textile fabric cloth art sofa, the sofa of a very special varieties of soft, rich patterns, rounded lines, modelling is novel, can let a person relaxed on visual effect, and most importantly, the colour collocation that cloth art sofa is very reasonable. A cloth art sofa sofa cover can use a variety of colors, different colors to create a different household atmosphere.

PART2: key points of choose and buy

1. See fabric

choose methods: actually there are many kinds of fabric, feel with the hand when the choose and buy of sofa surface, will stimulate the skin. Observe whether the integral parts of sofa fabric color is even, whether strong smooth joint parts, whether work fine.

2。 See material pledge framework

choose methods: method 1: sway with the hand, look to whether have the shaking feeling or a sound, if feel shaking or sounding, shows the structure of sofa is not strong. Method 2: lift three sofa, pay attention to when 10 cm from the ground up parts, whether the other end of the leg from the ground, only the other side, from the ground inspection is passed.

3。 See filler material, experience personally

choose and methods: in general, the body of cushion of the sofa sat down to sag of 10 centimeters or so for the best. Stand up, look at the hips, back and armrest fabric have apparent relaxation and long time cannot restore wrinkled and if so, is not suitable to buy this sofa. On the market the most common is high rebound sponge, good resilience. Feather will be more soft, good air permeability, heat preservation. Viscose material life is short, don't choose and buy.

4。 See details

the choose and buy method: open supporting pillow zipper, observe with the hand to touch the inside of the lining cloth and fillers. Lift the sofa to see the bottom of the handle is meticulous, sofa leg is straight, surface treatment is smooth, if there is a mat and other details at the bottom of the leg. Good quality also keep the sofa in the details.

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