Cloth art sofa cleaning tips

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-01

just after the lunar New Year holiday, there must be many stains left by the need to clean up the holidays, especially the cloth art sofa, every day to welcome guests, cloth art sofa will inevitably be stained with dust, vegetable juice, tea and so on, want to restore the sofa glamorous, holiday of cloth art sofa do a beauty is a must.

can unpick and wash cloth art sofa cleaning

removable cloth art sofa clean up more convenient and simple, removable cloth art sofa, usually with a pull a curtain, Velcro or form, such as buttons, and his coat and sofa body together, so you just need to put the sofa cover removed during cleaning.

tear open come down to the sofa cover can use cold water to clean, try not to use the washing machine and bleach, lest slipcover fades and deformation. If it is a jacquard cloth material, it is not easy to fade, can be machine wash. If participation of fabric of viscose, rayon and other materials, must be dry-cleaned.

the main part of sofa can clean dust on the surface of the vacuum cleaner to suck, or use clean dishcloth clean, pay attention to, don't use wet cloth to avoid sofa inside the wooden frame of be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy.

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