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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

classical furniture true and false, how to identify it. Now, old furniture collection hot growing, elements of Chinese classical furniture is popular. Clean out the old furniture seems to be a kind of trend, a kind of fashion. However, the ancient furniture and other categories of cultural relics, also have a false phenomenon, and faking technique is more and more sophisticated. Practices of ancient furniture, each furniture collection has become a hobby and researchers is unable to avoid awkward questions. Classical furniture looks like thing, but if you contact the market more at ordinary times, common sense, learn some furniture and master the following some jigan skills, then identify ancient furniture will become easier.

a, see if wrapped slurry nature. Old furniture general in the hands of users often touch position, there will be a natural patina. New copy of the wrapped slurry is not natural, or in the place where it is not often touch.

2, whether the furniture legs have faded and the trace of the tide baptism. In the southern humid areas, furniture general directly put in the mud, after a long time will appear this kind of situation.

3, look at the bottom of furniture and the drawer board. Such as old tables and stuffy door cabinets, etc. , base plate and the drawer board has a copy is not like the old gas. Moreover the drawer sides, in profile should have chamfering line in order to avoid hurting hands. It is important, see tenon, past the mortise is square, lock tenon is the tip. If see mortise two head round, elucidation is machine, must be the new copy.

4, the wood grain. Some furniture surface will appear rough wood, but depends on careful, whether to use steel wire brush wiped out hard, whether with the original wood grain live up to. Stiff brush wood grain there is always a natural feel.

5, see revision marks. Some cloth chair after renovation, the chair circle of old leaves of nail eyes, this kind of chair is old. Some rattan chair, the original rattan rotted away, leaving wear cane eye, can see turn it over.

6, the copper pieces. Copper pieces of old furniture if it's original, should be hand petting for decades or even hundreds of years. Copper pieces including page, hinge, hinge, handle, Angle, fillet, lock, etc. , some good furniture material will choose cupronickel build, in the long run will be radiant with faint silver, a reverie. Some copper pieces will chisel out all sorts of design, such as animals, flowers, auspicious characters, the essence of technology, is today, she is very difficult to copy is like. Some rich folk flavor is very strong on design, can also distinguish between local flavor and contemporary style, in order to gain valuable cultural information. And some copper for too long a time, although there is no patina, but will leave traces of rust, radiant with little green rust, or corrosion on the surface, all of these is the key to distinguish old furniture authenticity.

7, see sculpture. Identify the old furniture authenticity can be from the level of style and sculpture. Past furniture made in working hours on more wide, the craftsman mentality is quite calm, work, and natural. Furniture, and now the new copy in order to reduce costs, often in a hurry, would show the cloven foot on carving, circle is not smooth, not being strong enough. The personage inside course of study says, the Ming and qing dynasties furniture in the replicas on the market more, identification of Ming and qing furniture, should from the material, year, complete degree and fine degree and so on many factors inspection judgement. Determine the material of the Ming and qing dynasties furniture wood grain can be observed, such as phase modulation component method to determine. In addition to material, vintage is to determine the important factor of the Ming and qing dynasties furniture value.

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