Classic fashion furniture to do old sense

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-12

classical style furniture, want is do old feeling. If you are a novice, entered the family is decorated mall, inadvertently see the surface of those old, expensive furniture, how much might have some doubts. In fact, the furniture surface is did do old processing. 。 Some people love fashion brand new furniture, some people be fond of antique furniture. Some people be fond of fashion do old furniture, in recent years, a fashion do old furniture trend is gradually coming to nanning city field.

so what are common methods to solve the old? The following steps one by one to you.

polishing method: will the furniture burned in some parts of the then black markings on a tree, and then polished or coatings.

oxtail method: will a cow caudate paint brush dipped in paint or shading material, quick pat furniture, to create a dignified stripe pattern.

the pelting coating method: fire just like it sounds - coating method - - - - - - A method for its dry, broken.

pines method: fly black spots on the finished product to add perfect random black dot can be seen, to make it look like a fly after landing, spilled on the black, then walk on the furniture.

friction method ( Manual friction) : after the finished product wood dry, in the color of the random regions with different friction or remove them completely, to create a worn look.

white polishing method: friction with a pumice along the edge of the furniture, leaving traces of white.

manufacturing indentation method: use a rubber hammer in the corner of the furniture such as drawer, table, with a chain or a bunch of keys hit the top of the furniture.

create wormholes method: put the heat on a pin or other sharp tools to red. Clamp with forceps after them with a hammer knock them into the wood, as long as the inside can be drawn. Hole is small and many together, this show more real.

sand abrasion method: if you are already a few coat on finished product furniture, can use sand paper to do old effect. Sanding lacquer layer in furniture surface random place, grasp the strength to make the different layers of paint, in order to achieve a sense of natural wear and tear. Of course can also use this technique on the unpainted furniture. As long as one at a time on a layer of primer paint, such as dry after use sand paper burnish effect you want. Coarse sand sand paper in 150-240 purpose. Is timing.

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