Choose the time of sofa need to pay attention to?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27
Sofa is one of the most important part of the sitting room, sofa is the soul of the sitting room also in for. Choose sofa must remember when you get what you pay for, there are a lot of people would covet is cheap to buy some cheap sofa, still think they earn a lot, actually otherwise, not only sit feeling not comfortable sofa, have peculiar smell, and the quality is not good. Choose sofa also want to have a look at the degree of hardness and softness of sofa, generally don't recommend choose too soft sofa, when the body will not balance, this unstable support, in fact, it is no good to the body, easy to cause the problem of strain of lumbar muscles, so don't recommend buying too soft sofa, and some attention should be paid to the fabrics of sofa should choose safe and comfortable.

there is no matter what decorate a style, the thickness of sofa size must be according to this standard, or you bought the wrong!

such as you sat on the sofa, the location of the behind you to your knees lateral length, the size directly determines the sofa of you want to buy how many centimeters deep. Thickness must be the size more than you some, if less you sit, too big to sit on it directly back past, bought the sofa is white.

there are a lot of Europe and the United States sofa on the market, the depth is very big, because the European and American people tall their knees with the distance behind him. So don't blind to buy sofa, must conform to the human body engineering, Chinese modern light luxury sofa is very good.

my knee lateral to the rear, for example, is 55 cm and I the size of the sofa is 60 cm, that's right, actually more than 5 cm, because can put behind the cushion for leaning on, but if the depth again big, then it doesn't work out.

good sofa structure must be reasonable, material hardness is also reasonable, such use of life is long, high quality sofa even shake vigorously is also firmly, 'it also has a lot to do with the structure of sofa!

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