Choose how to discern the stand or fall of sofa fabric sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

choose how to discern the stand or fall of sofa fabric sofa?

in general, the printing design of thin fabric because of the process is simple and cheap; And design belongs to woven, such as decorative pattern is thick, also more high-grade. When the choose and buy watch carefully the pattern of the fabric is to belong to what kind of situation, from different geographic weave pattern is stereo, not as smooth as printed fabrics.

again, by pure cotton, pure wool knitted fabrics than ordinary rayon fabric class is high.

leather sofa fabric is due to the difference of cortex and have larger different

modern industry has layers of thick leather may be cut, so there is a layer of skin, skin even multi-layer skin on the second floor.

a layer of skin is the outermost layer, the layer of cowhide good toughness and elasticity, make sofa, sit after repeated pressure is broken, and not easily also is the high-grade fabrics, with a special magnifying glass cool skin can also be seen clear pores; Leather is on the second floor piece turn skin leather, leather surface tension and toughness on the second floor are not as good as the first layer skin, long table mask sofa fabrics tend to affect the overall effect and the price of sofa, so you need to choose carefully, of course the padding also nots allow to ignore.

identify method: (second skin 1) Through a magnifying glass can see clear pore is the first layer of skin; ( 2) Hand picked leather, soft and resilient head skin.

on the other hand, is to use large pieces of woven or knitted material, or by a small piece of leather stitching is also an aspect to influence the grade.

here is the specific operation method of recognizing the leather:

touch: use hand to touch leather surface, such as smooth, feel is real leather soft, plump, elastic; General artificial and synthetic leather surface hair acerbity, rigid, poor flexibility, at the same time because of surface membrane, poor permeability.

see: leather for the pure natural, the surface is concave and convex shape has a clear pores, decorative pattern, cow leather has the symmetry of the pores.

we smell: all leather leather smell; And because leather after artificial spraying has excitant strong plastic smell.

the lighting: fiber lighting, after all is a pungent odor, forming a knot in one's artificial leather; Every hair smells like leather.

endurance: using a fixed number of year leather fall off easily fade, weathering fracture, even while the leather without the defect.

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