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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

fine furniture design, can bring people to enlightenment and inspiration. The pursuit of personality, like furniture and design must be those that can lead the trend. The choice of furniture in the bedroom, can show the owner's enthusiasm and interest, how to make the home look more in line with the theme of warm and romantic?

a, furniture material is reasonable

furniture of different surface materials are distinguished. Such as table, chair, ark of gross, the requirement with hard miscellaneous wood, more strong, can load, while the internal materials can be made from other materials; The thickness of the wardrobe, legs to 2. 5 centimeters, too thick is clumsy, thin easy bending deformation; Kitchen, bathroom cabinet can't use fiber board, and should use plywood, because fiberboard swells, under the influence of water damage; The table should be washable. Found a bug, off at the end of the wood drying is not complete. Check the surface, but also open cupboard door, drawer door looked inside the material has decayed, can use fingernail pinch pinch, pinch in material was rotten inside. With nose smell after open cupboard door, if the blunt nose, dazzling, tears, and the formaldehyde content in cement that is too high, can be harmful to human body.

2, furniture structure is rigid

small furniture, such as chairs, stools, racks can be on the concrete when choosing in tow, fall off a fall gently, sound is ringing, explain quality is better; Voice if FaYa, a split in the crash, the noise that mortise in combination with imprecise, structure is firm.

table can use hand shake shake, look at the stable instability. Sofa can sit, if sitting on movement can make scroop, shake a shake, a nail, not take long before. Square table, tables, chairs, etc should have four legs of the triangle clip, a fixed role, can be reversed the tables and chairs when choosing to have a look, can touch the cloth chair.

three furniture, furniture whether level off four feet are known shaking on the ground, some furniture only three legs. Take a look at the desktop is straight, not bow back or falling down a waist. Desktop convex glass put on the block; Desktop recessed, put on a glass plate is broken. Points seam can't pay attention to check the cupboard door, drawer is too big, should pay attention to horizontal even vertical, the door can't prolapse.

4, flat-fell seam is lax yan veneered furniture

whether it is a stick of wood veneer, PVC or paste paint paper, leather must pay attention to whether or not to stick to level off, the presence of bulge, foaming, flat-fell seam is lax phenomenon. Look at the light, when you check or look not to come out. Manchurian ash wood veneer veneer furniture is easy to damage, generally can only be used for two years. As for wood veneer, the veneer of chamfering is better than rotary cut. Identification of the two methods is to look at the patterns in wood, plane of the veneer wood texture and dense, the veneer of rotary cutting pattern and hydrophobic. Particieboard veneered furniture, on the parts must be sealing side, not sealing side plate can absorption of moisture, distention and damage. General place easily become warped veneered furniture corner, can dig the corner with the hand, when choosing a pick up, if use glue has a problem. Five, the furniture package edge whether level off sealing side, shows that the material wet, sealing side will fall a few days. Sealing side also should be rounded, not straight edge right angles. Sticks sealing side feel easy to damp or split. Article three-ply board bag set of furniture, bag is with a nail, attention should be paid to nailhole whether level off, the color of nailhole place rather than elsewhere. Often nailhole is sealed with putty, attention should be paid to be bored with child ever bulging, such as the drum up no, slowly be bored with child will come out from the inside.

6, mirror furniture like to take a

select mirrored furniture, such as the dresser, clothing mirror, mirror, attention should be paid to take a, see if the mirror deformation fade, check whether there is a mirror at the back of the mercury place inside lining paper and back, no back is unqualified, not out of paper, or you will wear off the mercury.

7, sofa, the hammock to sit

choose sofa, the hammock, attention should be paid to surface must level off, not rugged; Soft hard to even, rather than the hard, that piece of soft; Hardness is moderate, neither too hard nor too soft. Selection method is to sit, by hand press press, flat, spring ring does not ring, if the spring is not reasonable arrangement, the spring bite spring, will send out the noise. Second, should also pay attention to the quilting presence of disconnection, jump line, the density of edge horn opposite sides-to hold is reasonable.

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