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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

furniture is closely related to our life, so it is very important to the choice of furniture, although there are many kinds of furniture, choose method also each are not identical, but no matter what kind of furniture will meet: beautiful, practical, environmental protection, durable, price is the choice of these a few respects, these a few respects together also call on the whole selection of furniture.

1, beautiful, beautiful is our furniture for our first impression, the first impression is important, if don't feel good, do not have to buy, or buy a home even functional feel unnatural, like beautiful furniture depends on the spatial structure, stereo feeling, color collocation, furniture and other accessories match the overall effect of the displays the beauty of furniture.

2, practical, practical is the root of the product, a furniture can only if it's not practical as adornment, choose the combination of quality, USES to choose.

3, durable, that is life, this should choose according to his be fond of, good quality, long service life will certainly be expensive, if time is not long, often in furniture can choose to use 3 years or so.

4, environmental protection, this is particularly important, why, if not environmental protection furniture has serious harm to the body, as the harm of formaldehyde can let a person frightening, when choosing furniture requirements: formaldehyde release a quantity & le; 1. 5毫克。 L, moisture content in 5 - Between 11, this also depends on whether the regular brand manufacturers, had better choose to have the business license, is committed to the brand product warranty.

5。 Price: pay attention to cost performance, but also should pay attention to a penny a points goods, where is the good material is not cheap.

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