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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-24
Customers along with the social development and progress, the pursuit of high taste life more and more delicate and perfect, the concept of home by continual reinterpretation, after years of operation, found that all Chinese can not find a match, again beautiful furniture in the style of the floor, doors, bathroom cabinet, background wall, unable to perfect the embodiment of the whole household arts. Golden phoenix as a high-end furniture industry's leading enterprises in China, read consumer voice, understand market demand, furniture group team, after careful analysis research, combined with domestic and foreign advanced design concept, bold cross-border innovation, decided to broaden the group's business strategy: from top high-end furniture extends to form a complete set of whole household, realize people striving for perfection and love art home dream! ! ! ! ! Household 'unique' art system, starting from the humanistic concept of overall household atmosphere, designed for different ages, different careers and personalized consumers make different decorate a style effect, achieve people pursue diversified whole household space artistic aesthetic feeling of new feeling. Art system household whole summed up as 'three revolution, a big innovation' : the door and door cover, art floor, and the line that play a base, the bathroom ark for the three revolution, each item is a design revolution in the history of household, three oneness is a whole household revolution; Setting wall is a great innovation, will provide innovative ideas for ways to decorate for household, this is the combination of art and technology, visual and sensory enjoyment. Furniture group invites new and old friends to visit! Innovation team, innovation mode, create a better future, create brilliant! Relevant tags: bedroom furniture brand
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