Chinese style is too old? Stop that now, it is you don't pack!

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-11
If your home is decorated, what kind of style will you choose? Is contemporary and contracted? European style? Or a new Chinese style? When it comes to Chinese, a lot of friend's first reaction: 'older person would like the style of', but it's not so, the style of new Chinese style was not a bit old, but the high-end atmosphere grade! The point is that you can hold up? Your Chinese domestic outfit for the wind? Like the new Chinese style of the wind, you will see how the Chinese style element together with small make up today in contemporary in decorating, presents a new fashion ~ furniture group to introduce the case, it is the most famous of these. It will be Chinese and western elements perfect fuses in together, in the two room two hall space, create wonderful new Chinese style household style! A concise line, the sitting room, the outline of the open and bright space. Nice bright color solid wood sofa, and the background wall, a piece of green carpet more sitting room adds a lot of energy. Second, the restaurant with a big round solid wood dining table, dining table choose the traditional round, like the full moon, a symbol of reunion, old and young, intimate, and gathered popularity, can foil the atmosphere of eating well. An elegant Chinese style screen, wind up the effect that make the finishing point to the dining-room, such beauty, is not empty, every corner of the house were showing heads high taste. Three, looked at comfortable bedroom advocate lie big real wood, have emotional appeal of householder has added some pretty bed is tasted and small decorations. And French window next to the small wood chair, leisure time sitting in this, enjoy beautiful scenery outside the window. Locker room of two large solid wood wardrobe closet, absolutely is a corner of the ladies favorite! All kinds of beautiful dress skirt can be neatly to receive them, every day, in this smartened up themselves to go out, the mood is meimei dalai. Children room to see the new Chinese style furniture to create the children room is not old! Two kawaii murals, make whole space filled with lively and energetic, the modelling of computer is an interesting, studying here will redouble our efforts. This children room, the baby must satisfied! Four, the bar clever little head of the household, but also at home, a corner of the building to a nice bar, on the wall there is a group of nice fish. After supper, a family in the swimming in a drink the feelings of the moon, the joy of life. After watching the house, will you still think Chinese wind of the old family? The furniture of the new Chinese style style is not pure element stack, but fully understand the Chinese classical culture, the integration of the elements of traditional and modern elements, can meet the needs of the use of modern and aesthetic demand. What are you waiting for? To build a new Chinese style house belong to you good! Relevant tags: bedroom furniture
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