Chinese style furniture in the sitting room sofa of feng shui taboo

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

Chinese style furniture taboo is put in the sitting room sofa of feng shui, the furniture of Chinese style style, with its natural texture and color, beautiful modelling, strong thick feeling, and strong Chinese style favored by consumers, geomancy taboo of Chinese style furniture needs to pay attention to what? Chinese style furniture in the sitting room sofa of feng shui put taboo note:

Chinese style decorates villa if sofa with gate into a straight line, feng shui is called hedge, cons is rather large. If the sofa to the door, no matter, also do not need to put a screen. Sometimes sofa range of weak light, many people will be placed on top of the sofa decorative lighting, such as: hidden in the ceiling of the canister light, or outward signs of shoot the light, because too close to the sofa, the light point-blank down from the top of your head, in terms of environmental design, sofa head light, can make a person's emotional tension, dizziness, gets ants in her pants. If the lamp is converted into the wall, can slightly eased. Chinese style decoration encountered this kind of situation, it is best to move the sofa, in order to avoid and door photograph is strong. And nowhere to move, then had to put a screen between the two, as a result, from the gate flow inside of the gas will not straight at the sofa.

shape on the single sofa, double sofa sofa, elongated and round sofa sofa, in terms of material, also divide a leather sofa, fabric sofa, such as chair of cany sofa and traditional acid branch, in terms of color and shape, is varied. Chinese style decorates sitting room sofa units has exquisite, most avoid is a half, or two sofa with fangyuan. From the aspects of psychology, empty behind the sofa, the lack of a sense of security. Chinese style villa renovation if the sofa is behind a window, door, or channel, also is behind the backer, if really don't have solid wall behind the sofa, reliable and more effective to improve the method is that put short ark or screen behind the sofa, this is called artificial backer, also can have remedial effect. Chinese style sofa decorate should not be behind a large mirror, the person sitting on the sofa, people can clearly see from the mirror of the sat back, he was not good. And if the mirror is beside is not, after the head not reflected from the mirror is just as well.

Chinese style is decorated in, have very important position in the sofa in the living room, as the important port of the country, must be able to as much water, can thrive. Excellent out both sides of the port will be bent, like U word of English letters. The decoration of the sofa should also be as advanced harbor, one arm stretched out on each side is advisable. If the sofa is a row of straight, it is like a mighty arm, difficult. Around some port although missed a arm, can not be protected, but as long as you go in the water under have bent a bear hug. Chinese style villa renovation if due to the limited environment, sofa cannot control with the blessing of the arm, then you can settle for second best, in the water level to furnish another sofa, homemade where the sand to meet from gate flow into the water, formation water bureau, it also conforms to the feng shui. Some residential door and balcony door into a diagonal line, and then the decoration is more need to go to the water where the sand to payable water, so as not to flow into the water leaked from the gate.

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