Chinese furniture waterborne coating way how far is it?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-11
By bower in Shanghai international exhibition co. , LTD and waterborne platform hosted 'the environmental protection furniture coatings and waterborne coating seminar' on September 9, 2016 in Shanghai new international expo center again, and will 'the 22nd China international furniture exhibition' held at the same time, the meeting invited to water-based paint, water-based coating equipment, furniture enterprise tripartite technical experts, and the summary for years of water-based paint field application experience, share solutions from different angles, including water-based paint, coating equipment, as well as the technology skills in the process of transformation. Furniture industry 'oil to water' imminent waterborne platform based on the market, according to a report released in 2015 domestic sales of less than 50000 tons of water-based wood coatings, waterborne wood coatings market share is only 5%, the proportion is still very low. The water-borne acrylic and market the highest percentage of waterborne polyurethane, each accounted for 70% and 20%, the rest is waterborne two-component polyurethane and water based UV, etc. From national policy, from the state to the various provinces and cities in recent years, has introduced a lot about VOCs control policy: '' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning outline' put forward seven key industries of coating amount of VOCs emission reduction requirements, including furniture manufacturing industry to reduce emissions to reach more than 50%; Latest and on July 13, 2016, the ministry and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued by the state of the action plan for key industries volatile organic compounds to reduce, clear requirements in the wooden furniture manufacturing enterprises focus on application water-based paint, soft furniture manufacturing enterprises focus on application of water-based adhesive. According to understand, to 2017 years ago, there will be more VOCs control policy, and more and more strict, visible furniture industry 'oil to water is imminent,' become furniture enterprise is the most important environmental upgrades. Participation coating cafe outside, in order to push forward the application of water-based coating and coating technology, reduce the emissions of VOCs, help furniture companies to realize environmental transformation and upgrading, bower international and water-based platform for the joint again, held 'the environmental protection furniture coatings and waterborne coating workshop', invited to an important guest speakers and topics are as follows: low sherwin-williams wood coatings product manager beginning peng: application of water-borne wood coatings and challenge a senior exhibition Chen Zhou Qionghui group general manager assistant: furniture paint segmentation in the field of environmental protection coating solutions for both low coupon DE machinery, general manager of leaf: the application of electrostatic spraying in wood industry low Edgar cernet spraying equipment national channel manager PeiQiuYa: wood industry water-based coating equipment solution low kunshan zhong-min shen, chairman of magnolia furniture: 'a behavior, a piece of blue sky,' kunshan magnolia 'oil to water' technology analysis in 2015 BBS site bring sherwin-williams and exhibition Chen coating has for many years to help furniture enterprises of oil to water rich experience, not the provider of the waterborne coatings, but also advocates of green action, in recent years, especially in the industry set up the exhibition Chen 'water' paint ', harvest a lot of praise. DE and Edgar cernet as water-based coating equipment, has accumulated a lot of furniture factory of oil to water encountered experience, league cup is waterborne wood paint technology the owner of a patent for invention, and Edgar cernet has derived from the French international advanced coating technology of more than 80 years, will share the forefront in the field of spraying technology and solutions. Not to be missed wonderful lecture. Magnolia furniture of shen dong as a guest speaker of blockbuster finale, there will be its unique feature, magnolia is the furniture industry in the 'oil to water' the most successful and most complete enterprise, bear the water-based paint furniture setter and promote the common development of industry. Believe this seminar, dry goods, full will make the guests visit to present, the meeting is to push forward the application of water-based coating and coating technology, reduce VOCs emissions, help furniture companies to realize transformation and upgrading of environmental protection to build an efficient platform for furniture group enterprise's official website: WWW. dl - hf. Com related tags: living room furniture
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