Children room lamps and lanterns of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

now family are not many children, the parents will want to give the best living environment for children. That how to establish the children room comfortable? From the perspective of the children room lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, buy kids room with lamps and lanterns should pay attention to the following two points.

1, shape. Preferably with children's innocence and imaginative nature, the lamps and lanterns of choose fresh interesting shape to inspire Pang potential. For example, you can hang the style novel set of lights, can also set the ancient appearance is lovely table lamp or desk lamp of the bed lamp, such as cartoon in the modelling of the lamp.

2, quantity. For the convenience of children can use at any time on different occasions, suggest the number of lamps and lanterns of children room is a bit more, can also be designed for older children table lamp and bed lamp.

children environmental protection furniture of choose and buy attention

children furniture of choose and buy, environmental protection first. Children furniture choice for environmental protection, let the child grew up life in healthy, natural environment. Children furniture to the use and easy to clean and maintenance, easily broken, fixed furniture are inappropriate.

wooden children's furniture of environmental protection is the most popular with consumers, many brand in pine local or large area to add color to a trend, it also cater to the children of riot of color like teenagers. Natural leather furniture also is right choice, and to ensure security, children's furniture structure must be stable, do not have a glass or mirror on furniture, otherwise once broken easily hurt children. All open place to have a smooth switch and handle delicate appearance.

turneth the edge of children with children's furniture of environmental protection and the edge of the area it is necessary to do fillet processing, especially the armrest chair, sofa, should choose the circular arc form. In addition, the desk had better have maintenance device, such as cloth wrapped present task can prevent move, the collision. Children have fun, and sometimes play peek-a-boo may hide in the wardrobe, wardrobe in the air at this time may be not enough use, therefore, to choose and buy wardrobe behind the design of the ventilation macroporous, to protect children.

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