Children furniture of choose and buy method

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-02

as a parent, are hoping to create a better living environment for the child and living space. Children furniture of choose and buy is an important step in room arrangement! Children room is decorated in, many parents will to sell the field or on the Internet first children furniture of choose and buy. Children furniture is mixed on the market, there are many problems, parents children furniture must pay attention to when the choose and buy! Children's home of choose and buy has two pit & throughout; 。

1, children's furniture harmful overweight

at present, 90% of children furniture furniture market is made by the medium density board and particieboard board type furniture, because of the very large amount of adhesive used in medium density board and particieboard, incurred in children furniture formaldehyde and other harmful material exceeds bid from ankang problem more severe than other furniture. Children furniture formaldehyde, lead paint problem should provoke enough attention of consumers. Formaldehyde emission pollution is formed 3 & ndash; 5 years old children asthma increase the main reason. Long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde, provoke a chronic respiratory disease, eye disease, dissonance women's menstrual disorders, pregnancy syndrome, rebirth and deformity, depression, flesh on the other hand, also can form heart disease in children.

2, children's furniture lead poisoning

the more the more bright-coloured paint containing lead on children's furniture. Some test report sheet contains only the content of harmful substances, and does not contain harmful material such as paint. Once this furniture in children room, it will affect the health of the children. Decorative supplies pollution is children the most common source of lead pollution. Investigation revealed, 1 m from the air, the air lead concentrations is 1. Height is 5 meters of 16 times, children in this range; Infants and young children often contact metope with the hand, and they suck fingers, easy to consume large amounts of lead. In addition, infants and young children to lead absorption rate is as high as 53%, about five times as many as adults.

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