Children furniture of choose and buy and maintenance issues

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-11

home has a baby's friends have been ready for the children furniture, in order to facilitate the children, this will have some household, but you also must know that because is for children to use, so the choose and buy and maintenance should be very careful at ordinary times, in order to avoid some adverse factors to the child. For children furniture of choose and buy, as far as possible in the furniture stores of choose and buy famous brand products. Furniture stores generally has a perfect after-sale service system, consumers in the event of consumer disputes, usually can get a proper solution. This is also practical method now, below we look together!

children furniture maintenance skills

1, furniture plate to environmental

because children touch the furniture of daily time more, occasional and even children have to lick bite furniture, so children furniture should pay attention to environmental protection is harmless. Solid wood furniture is relatively environmentally friendly, when choosing real wood furniture to be able to view the plank furniture and paint testing statements, choose the formaldehyde content is low, the glue dosage less furniture, and good in the furniture should be ventilated after after a period of time to let the child. Marg solid wood particle board is the big plank, choose F formaldehyde release a quantity to 0 or less per liter products. 3 mg/L, low aldehyde is characteristic of children room environmental protection furniture's first choice.

2, children furniture to ensure stability of

child move may present cabinet or climbing on the bed to beat, etc. , so children furniture should be especially reinforced, and often to see if solid parts. Especially children bed, children bed should choose low, near the ground, after use, accept destructive style, it is better for installation guardrail, doing so will help ensure that children even if the fall also won't too much damage.

3, cabinet should have vents

because the children love to play hide-and-seek hiding game, such as to avoid the children hide in the cupboard and form suffocation things, so normal children furniture planning needs to have vents or security hole, or leave a space at the cupboard door, ensure enclosure ventilation, avoid child suffocation. Avoid the furniture put before the big glass window facing south, long-term direct sunlight can make furniture is too dry, will fade. Hot water can't be placed directly on the surface of the furniture, will leave traces. Colored liquid, should absolutely avoid such as ink sprinkled on the surface of the table.

4, furniture should have the clip hand planning

this is particularly important for families with young children, children room cabinet and drawer needs equipment clamp hand planning. Because if there is no proof cabinets and drawers hand planning, the child may be due to rushing to remove items by hand, or accidentally push the drawer task of fingers, so damping buffer device, wardrobe and other furniture should match this can slow let cupboard door closed buffer to avoid hand.

5, furniture marginal to the rounded edge

parents to choose furniture with a sharp margin and the top, because the children is vivid, often present problems such as knock against the furniture corner, so children furniture needs scientific planning, such as furniture and marginal with rounded corners on edges and corners, especially the furniture such as table, cabinet marginal Angle don't exist, avoid knock against children.

6, furniture appropriate to highly

note that appropriate to the height of children ark, shoulds not be too high, so as not to put article caused problems for the kids.

7, avoid risk coefficient of big material

children furniture should not be selected some of the risk coefficient is larger material, such as unfavorable choose brittle material such as glass, mirror cabinet as panel material. Items such as window cloth cannot choose planning with a rope, avoid children present accident surrounded by a rope. Rivet, fixed furniture such as metal objects cannot show, in order to avoid children bruised in the play.

8, children furniture, colour shoulds not be too colourful

color can according to the room of children furniture color tone, with bright, relaxed, cheerful colour is given priority to, two or three color varieties have been met, and is given priority to with light color. Unfavorable choose too beautiful furniture, children room because the varnish is less than the heavy metal content paint, this can avoid heavy metal overruns, furniture colour is gorgeous, the higher of lead paint.

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