Chest of drawers inside how to clean?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-01

general internal drawer ark, not only refers to the drawer, and including the bottom of the drawer, and the overall cabinet inside, some invisible dust, such as drawer ark inside how to clean? Believe that a lot of people bought a decade or two years since the cabinet, has never clean? Now it has become a mouse might actually nest.

and the inside of the dust nature is self-evident, many people are often ignored the invisible space, but some virgo will can not stand, and want to clean the inside, there is only one way will be unloaded from the cabinet drawer, such ability can be the most simple clean interior space, can remove the drawer is not a simple, ordinary solid wood drawer is, indeed, can draw down, today's household is using the drawer slide rail type, a smoke after the basic fixed dead, how can we unloaded?

drawer slides how to remove the

the first thing you need to determine the home is the slide rail, such as three orbit, sheet metal slides. If is three track, should be first to pull out cabinet put oneself in another's position gently, when want to lie down, be sure to look closely on either side of the cabinet put oneself in another's position will leak out a relatively sharp things, usually on opposite sides of the cabinet put oneself in another's position. Then try to force the plastic playing CARDS will be two things push down, press also can understand the crisp sound, and this means that when opened.

1, the first is the need to drawer was likely to pull, the drawer slide to a certain distance, will be stuck, then you can see a long black conical card buckle.

2, with the hand holding the cone type card buckle, black against the strip part, the card buckle to press down hard, of course, some of the drawer slide rail type removal methods are different, according to the up is not without its, after pressing the card buckle prominent strip will be stretched, then the whole slide is loose.

3, on the other side of the same operation, after both sides to pull at the same time.

4, and, to his hand into the black card buckle in separation, without the drawer was dragged out of the whole, the hand can also stretch out and went in.

said the four is mainly about the disassembly steps, of course there are also split, if down don't pack it not kui dead? The drawer is installed on the back, the disassembly is simpler than the first. Because of previous experience, already know roughly where the drawer slides should card, first above its back slippery track, gradually to push, then black card clasp and docking card slot, is automatic docking, pushed to the bottom, and then pull back, repeated several times, as long as you don't loose, no accident, basic is no problem.

how drawer slides cleaning

add lubricating oil regularly, stick to water it with dry soft cloth to wipe; From time to time to check on a slide rail have tiny particles, clear in time, so as not to damage the slide rail. If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then slide rail is kidney. Large and small drawers can be free to push and pull, smooth bearing, all by slide rail support. Slippery course is currently on the market roller slide rail, steel ball slide rail two common style. When the choose and buy the drawer can be pulled out, with his hand on it a little hard press, will see if loose, kuang ring or flip, pulley, when push-pull drawer, should be no acerbity feeling, no noise.

some tea table, with drawer ark, bedside table, eat edge ark is, the same can be said to clean, so they can solve their love clean cleanliness, chest of drawers inside clean and does not require high frequency, generally it is ok to clean once two or three years, if the drawer mouse bite marks, is the need to guard against.

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