Can't use spray wax to maintain leather furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

in spray waxes for leather furniture, why not to care, first introduce what furniture can use spray wax, include waxing care for solid wood furniture, board type furniture can be also can need not, and other furniture usually have special care agent, wax without protection. Why can't use spray wax to maintain leather furniture?

1, the protection does not effect the leather furniture wax, wax protection role is to be able to keep the furniture if brightness is new, also to prevent wear and tear, furniture also can copy bug eat by moth. And protective wax can't keep the leather furniture not only if brightness is new, but also can appear mist spots, very affect the appearance, and protect the wax wear protection of leather furniture.

2, leather furniture is the animal's skin, as if coated with the protective wax what could be happening, you know about what could be happening leather furniture, once the spray wax spray on it,, the pore that can bring about leather goods jams, time is long leather will be aging and shorten its service life.

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